You Can Actually Go Camping In Alberta Year-Round & These Are The Sites You Can Still Book


While the camping season might be over for many, there are actually a ton of campsites that are able to be booked all year long in Alberta so you can even go camping in the winter.

It might get cold in Alberta, but there’s nothing more festive than warming up with a hot chocolate by a campfire and during the day, there are a ton of winter activities to do from skiing to winter hikes.

If you’re up for an adventure, these are the campsites you can book right now in Alberta.

Where can I camp in the winter in Alberta?

Alberta Parks campsites that can be booked year-round include Elkwater, Spruce Coulee, Dinosaur, Kinbrook Island, McLean Creek, Vermilion, Crimson Lake, Pigeon Lake, Beauvais Lake, Gregg Lake, Jarvis Lake, Carson-Pegasus and Writing-on-Stone.

Reservations for these campsites can be made online.

There are also campsites available year-round in Alberta’s national parks. In Banff, you can still reserve spots at Tunnel Mountain – Village II and in Jasper, you can book spaces at Wapiti and Palisades campsites.

Right up in Northern Alberta, you can also camp at Wood Buffalo’s Pine Lake campsite.

You can reserve spots on the Parks Canada website.

Is it possible to camp in winter?

Despite the freezing temperatures, it is actually possible to go camping in the winter as long as you’re super prepared. You’ll need equipment that’s properly designed for the weather and tons of layers of clothing.

If you don’t want to brave your own tent, you can take an RV or some parks have more permanent tents and yurts that you can reserve instead.

Parks Canada has also shared plenty of tips on winter camping to help get you started.


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