Xbox launches surprising camping gear collection


Gamers now can take to the outdoors while maintaining their connection to Xbox with Microsoft revealing a range of camping products themed after the console.

Sadly, you won’t be playing your favorite Xbox games in the wild, but this collection does have the gear to kit you up for the outdoor environment. Products range from clothing, water bottles, and even seething options.

When you’re looking for a place to relax on your next camping trip you can choose between a folding camp chair or hammock. The camping clothes available to purchase include a bandana, multiple hats, shirts, shorts, and outerwear including a nylon windbreaker and camping utility vest with all of the pockets that you’d ever need.

Of course, their products aren’t cheap. The camping chair will run you back $74.99, similarly, the hammock costs $59.99.

All of the new additions have similar color pallets boasting the signature Xbox green with black and white highlights depending on the product. The most expensive product in the range is the windbreaker which costs around $80.

You’ll find these products on the Xbox Gear Shop alongside a ton of other apparel and accessories from Xbox and many of your favorite games. These include a vintage collaboration between Xbox and Halo throwing back to the origins of the console.

While camping isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word Xbox, it is great to see the company bringing something new to the table.


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