Worker Says They Lie About Camping To Set Boundaries Whilst On Vacation, Prompts Others To Share Their Tricks


There is probably nothing more rewarding than having a good long vacation after a rough and exhausting time at work. Being able to spend time with your family and friends doing something fun or even going on a trip is something that a lot of people look forward to. But what if your dream holidays get interrupted by a demanding boss or lost colleagues? Even though they might take only 5 minutes of your time (which is never 5 minutes), it still feels like the mood has instantly changed and all the worries and stress that you were hoping to run away from are once again back. 

This is not acceptable and users of the Antiwork subreddit know it. This is why user @u/birdlawyer213 decided to share a comment written by a person who had a perfect way out of unnecessary communication with colleagues during their time off.

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A lot of us value our vacation time as it means that we get that sweet time spent by doing something fun

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The person in question shared that for a while now, they tell their coworkers that during their vacation, they’re going on a camping trip, so that they would assume that the employee is somewhere where the connection is limited or they’re so busy camping that they won’t be able to take a call or attend an important meeting. The author of the comment revealed that in their coworkers’ eyes they seem like a person who just loves outdoor activities. But this, however, isn’t their biggest concern. What they are afraid of is that they might actually hire someone who is a camping enthusiast that will blow their cover. The user even shared that they do spend some time outside to take pictures to show to the interested colleagues.

Reddit user decided to share how they’ve lied for years to get away from being contacted by coworkers during their time off

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This might sound like a fun cover that helps to avoid being disturbed during vacation time, but it also uncovers a serious problem of breaking boundaries regarding a person’s time off. This shared post encouraged others to share what they think about the problem and reveal what “techniques” they use in order to avoid unexpected calls from work. Some people asked to be paid for the time they spent working, while others decided to just simply ignore any attempts someone from work made to contact them or let others know that they would be traveling somewhere very far away.

The person revealed that they would say to their coworkers that they were going camping when in fact they spent time at a hotel

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Some people were curious to know why employees feel the need to be available during their vacation. This might happen because a person is too invested in a project and wants to know what’s going on or make sure that that the work that they put in won’t go to waste. Some of them might feel obligated to help others or know that without their expertise, nothing will move forward. However, setting healthy work boundaries is crucial for one’s well-being.

Recently, society was presented with a phenomenon called “quiet quitting” that appears when a burned-out employee lacks motivation and decides not to go that extra mile to achieve better results. One of the factors that leads to quiet quitting is not being able to find a balance between your work and personal life.

This little “trick” encouraged others online to share their opinion on the matter and also reveal their own experiences

How do you help yourself in this case? What are some of the ways to keep those boundaries in place? First, it’s helpful to determine some of the things or people in your workplace that cause you stress, because this is where you have to start setting boundaries to avoid feeling anxious. Second, set clear limits: have clear working hours after which you close the office door and go enjoy your free time with family and friends, turn all of the notifications on your phone and laptop. Don’t be afraid to let others know about your “rules”, and share this in advance if someone wants to contact you during your time off. It’s also crucial to assess your own abilities and see if you really have the time to do all the things you need/want to do. Maybe you need more people for this task or more time? This helps to avoid being overwhelmed and feeling as if you need time off just to keep up with your workload.

The reactions from users online showed how serious of a problem not being able to set proper work boundaries is

Have you ever met a person that seems to always say “yes”? Maybe you are that person? One of the ways to have a healthy relationship with work is to really think about what you’ve been asked to do and be okay with saying “no” if you feel that you won’t be able to deliver that extra work on time. Do you have more useful tips that would help to have a normal relationship with your job? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Some people even remembered times when going to another country did wonders and solved the problem of not wanting to be contacted

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