Woman camping in tent killed by semi-truck in downtown Redding


A woman was struck and killed by a semi-truck while she was in her tent on the side of State Street in downtown Redding on Saturday night.

A homeless woman sleeping in a tent along a street in downtown Redding was run over by a semi-truck Saturday night, Redding police said.

A truck driver was attempting to turn around his big rig when he backed over a tent with a woman who was inside, Redding police said in a news release.

The 62-year-old truck driver was backing up, going in a westerly direction on State Street, west of Favretto Avenue when he struck the tent, which was set up just south of the street, police said. The incident happened at about 8:20 p.m., police said.

The area where the woman was killed was off Parkview Avenue, near the Redding Library. There is a large dirt lot just to the north of where the woman was run over.

Vonnie Baker said Sunday she was camped on a tarp near where the woman was run over. Baker said she had just fallen when the incident happened.

“From what I could see, he (the truck driver) was moving kind of slow and he just didn’t see her,” Baker said. She said she heard the woman yelling for help after she was struck.

Police said the woman was declared dead at the scene after they arrived. Police did not provide the name of the woman or the truck driver.

Police said alcohol or drugs did not appear to be a factor in the incident.

A woman was struck and killed by a semi-truck while camping in a tent alongside State Street in downtown Redding on Saturday night.

The woman, who had been living on the streets in Redding “a few years,” had a dog, which was taken away by police, Baker said. She had not been camping in the location near State Street for long, though, Baker said.

“I liked her. She was ornery. She was a sweetheart, but she was ornery,” Baker said.

It was the first time Baker had heard of a homeless person run over by a vehicle in the area, she said.

However, a woman was run over by a trash truck and killed in November last year in an alley off Trinity Street in downtown Redding.

The woman, Tina Kay Michaels, 56, was wrapped in dark-colored blankets and clothes and was lying in the “path of travel” of the truck when she was run over, police said.


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