Winter camping has its advantages


Winter camping is an adventure and something fun that not everyone takes advantage of. We purchased a camper a couple of years ago, and the first one we bought was not a four-season camper. Of course, winter came, and we had to winterize it and basically put it away until spring. When we traded it in and bought a four-season camper from Parkland RV in Leadington, we went into the dealership and told the owner what we were looking for, and they set us up.

We purchased a 32-foot pull-behind camper that you can use year around. We take it fishing all over the state and even as far as Florida. It is our home away from home. I can truthfully say that we made a great purchase. Purchasing a camper was one of the best ideas we ever had. Not only can you camp in a camper, but we travel and work from it when we feel the need to be in the outdoors. I know that it is a big expense, but having a camper has brought us closer together and given us the opportunity to have adventures that normally don’t happen. Of course, we work from home or wherever we are, so that makes a big difference.

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We have a lot of hilarious stories from the road. Some of them being me forgetting or just downright not having essential items with us. Little did I know that a normal lug wrench will not fit the wheels on my camper. I found that out the hard way on an interstate in the bootheel of Missouri on the bottom end of a 12-hour drive from Florida. Another time we showed up at Montauk State Park in February while leaving my 50- to 30-amp adaptor at home. An hour’s drive later, we had a new one all while everything and everyone was freezing — or at least thought they were.

During the colder months, you can go to pretty much any campground throughout the state that is open and get a site. During the warmer months of the year, you sometimes struggle to find an opening if you do not book months in advance. There is something about getting up on a cold crisp morning, lighting a fire and having a hot cup of coffee while watching the sun rise almost all by yourself in a campground that is normally packed. You can hike trails and visit sites that are usually packed and almost be the only person around.

Taking a look at sites like Elephant Rocks or really any other state park in Missouri, you can see sides of it that you can’t in the summer. With the lack of leaves on the trees, you can take a camera and or binoculars and view game, as well as the beautiful rolling hills of the Ozarks. So, a long story to get my point across that winter and fall camping can be just as fun as summer camping as long as you are prepared. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see y’all next week.


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