What happened to Camping with Steve’s wife? Support pours in as YouTuber pays tribute to late spouse


On Thursday, August 25, Canadian camper Steve Wallis, of the YouTube channel Camping with Steve, posted a video in which he announced the death of his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis. The video, titled Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife, has garnered over 1.2 million views as of now.

According to the 40-year-old Vancouver native, his wife passed away in her sleep on Saturday, August 20. An emotional Wallis addressed his viewers in the video and said:

“I’m just gonna take my time and pour my heart out a little bit here. On Saturday, (my) beautiful wife and I went to bed, on Sunday only I woke up…”


Unable to finish the sentence, Wallis spoke about the massive shock of Jess’ death. The news comes within a month of their fifth wedding anniversary.

Steve Wallis of Camping with Steve mourns his wife Jess’ death

While it is not known what caused the unfortunate demise of Steve Wallis’ wife, the outdoor enthusiast and YouTuber revealed that she had passed away in her sleep. Furthermore, he disclosed:

“The last, I don’t know how many days, it’s been an absolute shock.”

This implied that the untimely death of Jess Wallis may have been caused by some undiagnosed complication. In the heartbreaking video, Wallis added:

“They say this about everyone and pass away, that there was no one else like them and that they brought a smile to everybody’s face. But she was the real deal and anyone will tell you that.”

In yet another heart-rending moment, Wallis also credited the Camping with Steve venture to his late wife Jess, to whom he always referred as “my beautiful wife” in most videos. He said:

“The only reason there’s a Camping With Steve at all is because of Jess. If if I’d never met her, I’d still be living in a motorhome trying to finish a documentary.”

Condolences pour in as YouTuber Steve Wallis loses his wife Jess

A legion of tweets and responses on Reddit paid tribute to Jess. Several viewers of Camping With Steve expressed their sorrow over Wallis’ loss. Meanwhile, others shared Wallis’ request as to how best to honor Jess. In the video, Wallis said:

“If anybody is wondering what you can do. Please, donate to your local food bank, donate to your homeless shelters. That was Jess’ major thing, (that) she liked to do.”

Steve Wallis and camping with Steve is some of the best most uplifting content on YouTube. During some mental health struggles it was his videos that saw me through many sleepless nights. My heart goes out to him during this time. RIP to his beautiful wife.

Man. Steve Wallis from camping with steve. If you’ve ever watched his stuff then you’d know his wife was always a part of that. Major condolences to him and the ppl around them.

My condolences to Steve Wallis and his family. His wife recently passed unexpectedly. If you have some time please watch some of his amazing videos. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. youtube.com/c/thestevewall…

Just saw the video that Steve Wallis from Camping With Steve posted about his wife passing away. My deepest condolences to him. Steve is such a truly good person. Jess was a light in this world. Awful to see him hurting like that. 😢

@DS9FBTS It is very devastating. Watching Steve over the years and feeling like he is a relative due to his candid nature. Love, light, and prayers, to Steve snd family. #Stevewallis #hunkerdownsteve

Condolences to camping YouTuber Steve Wallis on the sudden loss of his “beautiful wife”…sending love and peace during this difficult time!

Multiple tweets and Reddit posts shared the same message and urged others to donate to pay their tribute to Jess. A few online responses also credited Jess for encouraging her husband to start the stealth camping YouTube channel.

Steve Wallis is currently mourning the unfortunate passing of his wife, but the YouTuber revealed that he will continue to make camping videos. Wallis told his viewers that he is “just going to need a little bit of time.”

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