Vlogger shows how it feels to camp in a Mahindra Thar in -30 degree Celsius


Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular 4×4 SUV available on sale in India. Ever since its launch in 2020, it has been a popular vehicle among customers who like to go off-road and on road trips. There are many customers who have installed rrof top tents on their new-generation Thar and are enjoying the outdoors. This is the only way to camp in a Mahindra Thar as there is not much space inside the vehicle. Here we have one such video where a vlogger shows how does it feel to camp in a Mahindra Thar in -30 degree celsius.

The video has been uploaded by DCV Expeditions on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows how his Mahindra Thar performed on snow-packed roads in the mountains. The vlogger was driving through mountain roads and the Northern part of the country has been experiencing snowfall. The vlogger was driving in his Mahindra Thar that has been prepared for such extreme expeditions.

The SUV gets rough terrain tyres, snow chains, rooftop tent, sand ladders, jerry cans and other essential items. The vlogger is seen driving alone in his vehicle which is quite risky. This is not the first time, vlogger is doing something like this. After driving through, he finally finds a spot to camp for the day. He parked the car in reverse and then starts making fire. While the coal was burning, he sets up the tent which is a part of his vehicle and is mounted on the roof. He opens the tent and sets up the room heater.

He has a battery pack which he uses to charge the electrical items. As the sun started going down, the temperature started dropping. The outside temperature at 5:45 pm was around -18 degree celsius and most of the cameras used by the vlogger had stopped working in this extreme condition. He prepared dinner at the back of his SUV, melted fresh snow for drinking water as the water he carried in the car had frozen into ice. Once he had done that, he moved all his electronic items inside the tent and directed the hot air from the heater to the tent.

Camping in a Mahindra Thar at -30 degree Celsius (Video)

It was extremely cold outside and even inside the tent, with heater turned on, the temperature was not going above 14-15 degrees. The vlogger wore a multi-layer jacket to save himself from the cold and also wrapped all his electronic devices in a sleeping bag. Next day in the morning, the heater had run out of diesel and the temperature inside the tent had dropped to -9 degree celsius. Vlogger woke up and started preparing to start his Mahindra Thar diesel.

Diesel vehicles usually have starting troubles in such extreme conditions. The vlogger burned another packet of coal under the car and also turned the heater on to warn up the engine bay. After running the heater for almost an hour, he attempted to start the Thar. After several attempts, the engine started. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that this was one of the most challenging nights he has spent outside and if someone comes unprepared, he can be in deep trouble.


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