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Family owned, Arvada, Colo.-based Unique Camping + Marine manufactures a full line of easy-to-use products and solutions for RV and marine wastewater tank care. It just introduced a new line of products for 2023 exclusively available to RV dealers for the first time. The company touts its products to be the strongest formulas available and superior to other products on the market.

The new product line of 2023 include a variety of liquid, powdered and pod treatments of digesters, cleaning and unclogging agents under the branding of: RV Digest-It, Flush-It, Scrub-It, Clean-It, Clear-It and Restore-It.

Unique Camping + Marine also offers stores retail end-caps and product merchandising-sets to display and sell its products.

Its distribution model is direct to over 2,000 dealer and marina stores. Many states, along with the federal government, now have environmental regulations on RV and marine wastewater treatments to which it adheres.

According to Ricky Stewart, executive director of sales and marketing for the firm, his grandfather Don Stewart founded the firm in the 1980s as a bio-engineer to first solve the problem of pet odors with a successful solution he patented. Once his pet odor patent became a success, the elder Stewart took his product on the road, enjoying many years and seven cross-country trips in a motorhome visiting his customers in pet shops and kennels, selling his solutions and expanding the business.

“We weren’t officially incorporated until 1995,” Stewart told RVBusiness. “He was a pioneer in field of odor reducing bacteria, using pro-biotics to break down the organic wastes of pet urine and odors. That’s where the entire pro-biotic bacteria side of how we formulate today got started.”

With this biochemical foundation, he said the company expanded dramatically into a number of products that break down organic wastes without harsh chemicals.

“So now we have septic system treatments and the best-selling, acid free drain cleaner and our full line of RV and marine products,” he stated. “With the exception of just a few products, basically everything we make uses pro-biotic bacteria to do the job.”

Unique Camping + Marine blends non-pathogenic bacteria strains to produce specific enzymes to solve specific problems. Its RV black tank treatment is formulated to break down cellulase, paper, grease and protease bacteria for human waste.

“Once these bacteria have broken down the various waste in the black tank into digestible  pieces, the bacteria consume it and exhaust it as carbon dioxide and water,” he explained. “So it also gets rid of the smells, because the smell in the tank is created by anaerobic bacteria that do not use oxygen and release gases that create smells. Our bacteria overwhelm these to take over the tank and digest the wastes only expelling CO2 and water instead of odors.”

According to Stewart, this is why its products are so effective at unclogging misreading sensors, and clearing hard to reach clogs. Different strains of bacteria and enzymes perform each task. An added benefit for consumers is dumping the tank less smelly.

The company is user-friendly oriented providing a myriad of tutorials on the steps to proper tank maintenance, habits to form that work in conjunction with its products and guides solving odiferous and perplexing wastewater problems that can occur.

Unique Camping + Marine also makes the commitment to be as fully transparent as possible when it comes to the ingredients in its products allowing the consumer to make the decision to purchase. Every ingredient in each product is listed. It offers a 100% refund to unsatisfied customers.




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