Two of best ‘boozy beverages’ for winter camping are from Colorado, says Forbes


Forbes has recently identified two Colorado-based liquors as some of the best “to warm the soul” on winter camping trips on a list of 10.

“This wouldn’t be an outdoors-inspired spirits list without at least one producer from Colorado. The Centennial State has a surprising number of distilleries,” the Forbes report reads. 

Montanya Distillers, a rum producer based in Crested Butte, was selected for the list as a beverage for a “fancy night under the starts”. In its nearly 15 year history, the distillery has become know for its award-winning rum. According to their website, the Montanya rums are currently available in 44 states and seven countries. 

Forbes recommends drinkers pair Montanya rums with “warm dessert coming off of the camp stove,” and have named it the best rum for camping. 

According to the list, the best gin for camping comes from Breckenridge Distillery for its mountain-inspired botanicals. 

You get all of the traditional botanicals, but mixed in with Rocky Mountain water. It’s also a recent Double Gold recipient at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition,” the report reads. 

Breckenridge Distillery describes it as a fragrant American-style gin. 

A juniper body is balanced with notes of bright citrus and complimentary spicy undertones achieved through maceration during distillation,” the website reads.

See the full list here.

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