Two Men On Camping Mattress Rescued After Drifting Out To Sea


Two men on an inflatable mattress had to be rescued after they began drifting out to sea in Kerry.

The two men were reportedly on holiday in Kerry when they sparked a major search operation after a person on the beach realised that they were in severe difficulty on Valentia Island.

Both men were using an inflatable camping mattress they reportedly purchased at a supermarket on the water at Cuas Croim, near Cahirsiveen, when they were swept away from shore.

Two men on an inflatable mattress had to be rescued after they began drifting out to sea in Kerry. Pic: Sam Boal /

It appears that despite their best efforts to try and get back to shallow waters, a strong current kept bringing them out to sea.

A rescue operation spearheaded by Valentia coastguard was launched, and both men were thankfully rescued by a lifeboat and a nearby fishing vessel that happened to be in the area.

Both men were rescued shortly before 3pm, and were treated for shock following the rescue — they were both uninjured.

Cuas Croim beach
The two men drifted out to sea on the Cuas Croim harbour near Cahirsiveen, and were rescued by the Valentia RNLI. Pic: Google Street View

‘Valentia RNLI volunteers launched their all-weather lifeboat (Monday 22 August) to assist two adults swept out to sea on an inflatable mattress,’ a statement from Valentia RNLI said on Facebook.

‘At 2.48pm the Valentia Coast Guard requested Valentia RNLI’s volunteer crew to launch the all-weather lifeboat and to go to the aid of two adults adrift at the mouth of Cuas Crom harbour.

‘The two adults were located by the lifeboat crew on an inflatable mattress. They were found to be safe and well. The crew then brought them back to Cuas Crom pier.’

The RNLI also appealed for people to stay safe and not use inflatables when at the beach, saying ‘While inflatables can be great fun, we would advise that you don’t take them to the beach as they are not designed for open water, and it can take very little breeze for you to be swept out to sea-much quicker than you can swim or paddle back to the shore.

‘Should you get into trouble or see someone else in difficulty, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.’


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