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I have a confession to make. I love freeze-dried camping meals as much as I love cooking at the campsite. We have hundreds of recipes on the website, and there’s nothing like taking the time to cook a full meal. That said, sometimes I just want something delicious – FAST. There’s no cleanup, and I don’t have to pack as much gear for the trip. They’re also great for day hikes and of course, backpacking.

Trailtopia got their start with Jim Robichaud, and long time hiker and camp cooking enthusiast. He started making his own camping meals that could be easily reheated in the outdoors, friends went nuts for it, and before long Trailtopia was born.

trailtopia camping food

Today they have a wide selection of breakfast, lunches, dinners, and desserts and were kind enough to send us a few to try out. I had to start out with the Bent Paddle Beer Braised Chicken Stew (because, beer) and it was absolutely delicious. If you like beer-braised anything, you’re familiar with the hearty flavor that beer braising imparts. I don’t know how they did it, but they nailed that flavor profile here. The Bent Paddle ESB Ale really comes through in this meal, and it was a bowl of comfort food that I can’t wait to eat again.

I also want to give them credit for the pouch design. It’s wider and lower, so you don’t need a ridiculously long spoon, and you don’t end up getting food all over your knuckles if you decide to ditch the bowl and eat from the bag. I wish every other camping food company would do this. If you’re looking for something that hits the spot after a long hike (or just don’t feel like cooking), I think you should give them a shot.



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