Trailer filled with camping gear stolen from Springfield Boy Scout Troop


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A Springfield Boy Scout Troop is searching for a missing trailer stolen earlier in the week.

The trailer contained thousands of dollars worth of gear and tools. The troop estimates the value of the items to be around $10,000, which does not include the cost of the actual trailer itself.

Many scouts are surprised it was stolen, especially from a church. The trailer usually sits in the parking lot of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Troop 16 says this has never happened before.

Several scouts in Troop 16 have been in the program for years.

”I just like the opportunities, and like all the friends I’ve made throughout the years,” said Eagle Scout Ty Anderson. “We just like all the camping we get to do and like helping out with the community.”

Many of those memories and opportunities also involve the troop’s trailer.

”The trailer is our home away from home,” Troop Committee Chair Aaron Van Amber said.

Van Amber has been the Troop Committee Chair for almost ten years. On Sunday, he stopped at Westminster Presbyterian Church ahead of an event on Monday, but the trailer was not in its usual spot when he arrived.

”I started calling the rest of the leaders asking, ‘Did you have the trailer? Do you have the trailer?’ And one by one, everyone’s like, ‘We don’t have it.”

The trailer contains everything from cooking utensils to tents.

”We use it on almost every single campout we go on,” Anderson said. “It has everything for us.”

Troop leaders and members say the theft was surprising.

”Once the shock wore off, I was pretty frustrated because the scouts have put in a lot of hard work in fundraising and other efforts to get the gear that we have,” Van Amber said. “And then for someone just to roll up and take off with it, it is very frustrating.”

The troop is still trying to figure out future arrangements. Troop leaders shared the news with parents, who passed the word along to their children.

“We haven’t actually had a meeting since this has happened with the trailer,” Van Amber said. “So we haven’t had a chance to sit down with them and tell them face to face yet.”

The group has a camping event at the end of the month, but scouts may have to bring some of their items. Other troops in the area have also extended a hand, offering to share items.

”The scouting community, we’re all so close,” Anderson said. “If someone needs help, we’re always willing to help another group. So I’m just glad other groups are reciprocating that towards us.”

Troop 16 has filed a police report and asks the community to be on the lookout for its missing trailer. The troop is trying to determine what items are insured and what items are not.

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