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For some people, the idea of an outdoor date night might sound like a literal nightmare. The bugs. The lack of indoor plumbing. The sheer amount of wilderness. But for outdoorsy folks, there’s truly nothing better than grabbing a tent and sipping a special bottle of wine whilst stargazing. And if/when things start to get a lil…handsy…you’re probably wondering the best way to go about having camping sex.

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If the concept of heading to a campsite for sex seems foreign, sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, a sexpert for Lovers sexual wellness brand and retailer, says it can actually be a great way to break out of your typical routine. “There are many different positions, as well as the change of scenery, that can heighten your experience,” she explains. “If you’re an ecosexual (read: the idea of Earth as a lover), camping sex may feel best for you since you’re grounded in nature and enjoying the connection to the Earth.”

Beyond the whole “you’re in the woods getting laid” aspect, simply doing something different is a way to bond as a couple and open the door for better, more diverse experiences. “Camping sex also activates the creative part of your brain to find various ways of being safe, secure, and sexy at the same time,” Stewart adds.

That said, while camping sex can be incredibly hot (literally and figuratively), there are a few extra considerations you need to make versus when you, like, hook up in a hotel room or have sex on your kitchen floor. Here’s what to keep in mind before getting it on in the great outdoors.

How do you have camping sex?

Camping sex is, as the name suggests, simply the act of having sex while camping. It can involve any type of sex, so how you have it is really up to you, your partner, and your affinity for being naked outside.

Position-wise, Stewart says you have a lot of options depending on where you are, if people are around, and what you’re into. “The best camping sex positions include missionary under blankets in a tent, standing positions against a tree (make sure you put a blanket behind your back if you’re the one on the tree), or even in the ocean if you’re next to some water,” she says. Also, if you have one of those travel hammocks, Stewart suggests getting ~extra cozy~ in it together by going at it in a spooning position for penetrative or outercourse sex.

What supplies do you need for camping sex?

Having camping sex takes a bit of prep work, and Stewart says getting all the right supplies is integral to making the experience safe and pleasurable. On a base level, camping sex usually involves things like a tent, some survival gear (because like, bears?), safe sex items, and at least a few non-perishable post-sex snacks.

Also, as a general camping note, it’s a good idea to always let someone know where you’re going, how long you’re going for, and who you’ll be with. That way if your car doesn’t start or whatever, you won’t be stranded in the woods without wifi for too long.

Here’s a handy checklist to refer to when packing for your sexy outdoor adventure:

  • A tent, duh.
  • Condoms, dental dams, and/or your chosen contraception (if applicable).
  • Food! And water!
  • Something airtight to put the food and water in (like a cooler) that animals won’t mess with.
  • Safety items like a whistle, a portable phone charger, and flashlights.
  • Blankets and/or sleeping bags + pillows. Consider splurging on a two-person sleeping bag for ultimate togetherness.
  • Something comfy to lay on, like a yoga mat or air mattress.
  • A fire starter kit including matches and dry wood.
  • Toilet paper and hand sanny.
  • Your toiletries and some extra clothes.
  • A map that’s not on your phone (like…a paper one).
  • Natural bug spray and sunscreen (so you don’t taste like bug spray and sunscreen)
  • Sexy essentials like lube, wet wipes, and battery-operated toys. Go with unscented ones so as to not attract pests.
  • A trash bag so you don’t have to carry used condoms across the camp.
  • First aid kit.
  • Boots/hiking shoes
  • A travel hammock because, vibes.
  • Extra socks (for cold toesies)!

    Is camping sex legal?

    Okay, so, bad news: Camping sex is actually sort of illegal. We say sort of because in the United States, having sex in a public, outdoor space is against the law. Since most people go camping in campgrounds, it’s technically illegal to get it on at a site like this, even if you’re in a tent.

    Since public sex is a kink or fetish for many folks, though, finding a way to safely scratch that itch is key. If you have a backyard—with areas hidden from curious neighbors—Stewart says camping on your own property is a fantastic option. Not only do you get all the perks of a night spent in the wild, but you can also run inside if you forget something or if the weather gets dicey.

    Another option is to camp in a secluded place outside that isn’t a designated campground. The problem, of course, is that you’re not only camping in an area without access to amenities like bathrooms and fire pits, but you also don’t really know how safe your surroundings are. Using an app like Hipcamp is a good solution since it gives you the option to rent more secluded sites that typically aren’t in public campgrounds.

    Lastly, if you do decide to risk your record and hook up in a campground, you need to be ultra-cautious. Stewart says you want it to be dark outside, you should pick a site that’s secluded and far away from other campers, and it’s best to stay inside your tent since people might be walking/driving by. Naturally, you need to be quiet, discreet, and smart if you’re going to break the law for a little camping nookie, no matter where you’re doing it.

    What do you need to consider before having camping sex?

    First, Stewart stresses the importance of being prepared for anything in the realms of survival and sex. Having items like a first aid kit and extra batteries might feel extreme, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Same goes for sex essentials. If there’s even the slightest chance you might get it on, bring everything you’d need to have a safe and satisfying time.

    As for setting le vibes, you’ll want to really play up the romantic wilderness aesthetic. Bring soft blankets for cuddling by the fire. Pack a little speaker to play some mood music. Grab some extra water to rinse each other off after you’re done. If it feels like a scene out of Bachelor in Paradise, you’re probably on the right track.

    Lastly, since camping sex involves, well, camping, we have to mention: You should only go camping with a person (or people) you trust. While spending the night with someone is one thing, doing it in an isolated place without modern technology is a whole other. If you feel even a little weird about the idea of hightailing it to the wilderness for an overnight date, skip it.

    Just a few more camping sex tips:

    If you’re looking to have the best camping sex ever, here are a few must-know tips that’ll take it from mildly interesting to mind-blowing:

    • If possible, go camping when it isn’t hot AF in the middle of the summer. Fall is good. Fall is great.
    • Consider unzipping the top of your tent during your post-sex aftercare to stargaze.
    • Or if your tent has a dual-zip ventilation panel, utilize it so you can allow airflow in without giving everyone around you a free show.
    • Bring a few quiet, battery-operated sex toys to make the limited space easier to work with.
    • Engage in some foreplay by the fire before retiring to your tent. Deep kissing and sensual back massages are encouraged.
    • Consider covering each other’s mouths during sex (if everyone consents, ofc) to keep sounds muffled and add in a BDSM-y element.
    • Dispose of condoms, wipes, and litter in the trash! We don’t need animals suffering because you wanted to get in on in their home, mmk?


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