This roomy camping tent fits 4 people for less than $75


Get a trusty tent for just $71.99.

This 4-person camping tent is on sale from Woot!


Going camping with family and friends is without a doubt one of the most fun things you can do when the weather is nice. But who wants to squeeze into a tiny little tent and be forced to lay on top of one another? Instead, you should consider getting a family-sized tent. They are usually pretty pricey, but you can get this right now for just $71.99 (64% off).

Whether you’re trying to take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather, or you want to save big on outdoor items now to have in store for next spring, this tent should be at the top of your list. This 4-person tent is blue and grey with zippered door entry to prevent any non-human creatures from wandering in. 

Included in the package is a rain guard for the roof to deflect water away from the occupants. There are also extra vents around the tent that you can open to improve airflow and ventilation for comfort. It even comes with a mat for outside the door so you can all wipe your feet off to help keep the inside clean.

The manufacturer claims that this tent can be setup in just 60 seconds, which is a bold statement. That said, I have personally used tents with this kind of construction and they do go together pretty quickly and easily!

Anyone who’s planning a camping adventure sometime soon should definitely consider checking out this from Woot! that’s on sale for $71.99.


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