This Ozark Trail tent fits 11 people for under $100 at Walmart


The Ozark Trail 11-Person Camping Tent ($99) from Walmart. 

The Ozark Trail 11-Person Camping Tent ($99) from Walmart. 


Up until earlier this year, I had never camped before in my life. I just thought it wasn’t for me and the idea of sleeping in a tent wasn’t very appealing. But then I decided to go on a trip, and I haven’t looked back since. I started with a two-person tent for just myself and my girlfriend, but we have since upgraded to a much larger one.

With how affordable tents are, why not stay in what’s basically a pop-up mansion while you’re out in nature? Right now at Walmart, you can get an Ozark Trail 11-Person Tent for just $99. Now speaking from experience, having a tent this size changes everything about camping. Who doesn’t want more room to camp in pseudo luxury?

Ozark Trail 11-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Private Room – $99 ($71 off; originally $170)

The craziest (and best) thing about this tent is that it requires almost no assembly and can be set up in less than five minutes. The poles are already pre-attached to the tent for ease. Once it’s standing, it’s big enough to fit two queen size mattresses and even has a private room in the back (with a divider) to create three separate living spaces.

The tent has an awning over the front entry to create a porch-like atmosphere, and the six large mesh windows allow for plenty of airflow and panoramic views. The included rainfly and factory-sealed seams will keep everyone dry in the event of a rainstorm, and the electrical cord access makes it easy to plug your stuff into the outlets outside the tent.

So if you have a big family camping trip coming up – or you just want a massive tent for yourself – head over to Walmart’s site and pick up this Ozark Trail 11-Person Tent today for only $99.



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