This Architect-Designed Tiny Home Is Truly Unique, Perfect for Art Lovers


One of the best things about “glamping” is that you can find unconventional vacation retreats that offer peace and quiet while also being close enough to the city. In other words, you don’t have to go too far just to get away. Places like this unconventional tiny home blend the best of camping with a special atmosphere that art lovers would appreciate.

What guests lovingly call “Sheree’s red tower” is instantly recognizable, not just because of the vibrant red color, but mostly due to the unusual shape. Although it’s a tiny house of just 10 x 10 feet (3 meters) the tower shape makes it stand out and dominate the natural surroundings.

Sitting in rural Ontario, it’s also close to what is known as the “artsy” town of Warkworth. The tower’s interior matches that also. On one hand, it’s minimalistic to the extreme, and on the other hand it gives off a unique, artistic vibe. It’s definitely not glamorous, because there’s no bathroom, the kitchen area is very small and basic, and the loft bedroom is as plain as it gets.

However, the overall experience seems to be an interesting mix of artistic beauty and camping. The conventional bathroom is replaced by a nearby outhouse and a warm-water outdoor shower. A swimming pool is also available in the summer, and the large wooden deck plus a fire pit are perfect for memorable camping evenings.

It’s not as welcoming as a conventional home, but this “red tower” is relaxing enough for those who enjoy simplicity and a connection to nature. Most of them appreciate the unique architecture, as well as the bright and airy interiors, thanks to the large windows and light woodwork.

Only big enough for two, this special tiny designed by an architect is definitely unlike most glamping retreats out there, as long as guests don’t find the accommodation too rustic. For those looking for a camping spot with an artistic vibe, Sheree’s red tower can be booked through Airbnb.


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