This Adventure Camper Brings Off-Road Travel To The Next Level


While camping is a great time, sometimes it’s nice to take pretty much every modern-day convenience into the wilderness, rather than just living out of a tent. That’s where Australian manufacturer Bruder comes in. We’ve mentioned the EXP-4 and the EXP-6 on this website before, but the EXP-8 is a whole other beast. This isn’t just a camper-trailer. It’s a true, full blown off-road monster, allowing for tires up to 37 inches tall with a 12 inch wheel travel suspension system. That same suspension system can lower or lean the trailer’s body to allow for maneuverability around branches and other road blocks, so you really can’t be stopped.

If, somehow, the trailer is stopped or your car gets stuck (which is probably more likely with this guy), a recovery winch has been built discretely into the back of the trailer. On top of that, the EXP-8 features a fully sealed chassis to prevent debris-buildup and a front-mountain filtration system, working to keep the cabin pressurized and clean while traveling through hard-core dusty environments. You won’t have to worry about temperature, either, as the body’s materials were purposefully picked to handle any environment, creating lightweight, yet incredibly strong walls.

Living off grid in this thing won’t be a problem, as the 1600 watt solar panels powering the 16.7 watt battery could provide enough power to charge an electric car. You won’t have to worry about something going wrong with the electronics while you’re away from the vehicle, either, with the help of the remote monitoring system. As for hydration, a remote water pickup system allows for users to either fill the trailer’s 78 gallon (300 liter) tank from any nearby stream.

The interior and exterior of this trailer feature color-changing lights to match your mood (which can be accessed either through the trailer’s touch panels or the trailer’s app on your phone) and huge amounts of storage for skis, hiking gear, grills, and anything else you might need on an off-road trip. The interior features 360° views with tons of windows, and one of several exterior to interior doors leads directly to the camper’s shower, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying the luxury interior after a day on the beach or in the dirt. Though it can be converted in to several layouts, it can comfortable sleep up to five people.

No matter where the EXP-8 is parked, it seems like it would fit. Whether it’s at a ski resort, on a remote beach, or in the middle of a desert, I would certainly be willing to sleep in it. To be honest, I would be stoked to stay in it if it was parked in a Walmart parking lot! The Bruder EXP-8 is currently listed at $271,818 AUD, or somewhere around $190,900 USD. If you’re interested in learning more or getting your hands on this thing yourself, visit the Bruder website.

Image Credit: Bruder via YouTube


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