These Floating Camping Pods Are Suspended Between Two Mountains


A one-of-a-kind travel experience at this proposed property in the Middle East.

Ardh Architects

Your next camping getaway just got quite a bit more interesting: Ardh Architects’ Floating Retreat concept offers up a good, long look at an otherworldly chance to sleep in camping pods suspended between two mountains.

The exotic endeavor takes shape in the Sharjah mountain range of the United Arab Emirates, never a locale to rest on its laurels when it comes to groundbreaking, luxurious design.

Ardh Architects

It’s quite the different spin on travel, suffice to say, compared to the fast-paced confines of Dubai, and Ardh Architects sought to design a space that “morphed with no boundaries” — consider their lofty goal achieved.

Ardh Architects

The experience also includes on-site shops selling local goods, for good measure — although the opportunity to commune with nature in its own right is likely worth the entire trip.

Ardh Architects

The Floating Retreat delivers a hearty helping of outdoor experiences alongside the chance to sleep in a transparent camping pod: The surrounding area encourages hiking, cycling and wadi treks.

Ardh Architects

The concept is an impressive one, a new take on cliff camping injected with a dash of rugged-meets-refined luxury.

Think outside the box on your next outdoor getaway, like Ardh Architects. and you very well might be rewarded handsomely with an out-of-this-world experience.

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