The tastiest camping and holiday dessert essentials


Summer holidays and sweet treats go hand-in-hand. So, a nutritious sweet snack that does not require refrigeration is a delicious treat to stock up on.  

First Choice Power Cup and the Vanilla Flavoured Custard provide the ideal snack-time desserts for your upcoming family trips.

Custard and dreamy getaways

First Choice Custard is a yummy addition to your desserts, or simply enjoy it on its own. First Choice custard is made with more than 85% full cream milk, which makes it deliciously velvety and moreish.

Treat yourself and your squad to this smooth, great-tasting snack that’s perfect for any occasion. The creamy texture and delicious vanilla flavour make it a family favourite. It can be served hot or cold, enjoyed on its own, or poured over your favourite pudding.

The UHT (ultra-high temperature processing) custard is free from preservatives, MSG and tartrazine, and contains only natural colourants. It’s available in a range of convenient packs, so you can pick your ideal way to enjoy this vanilla-flavoured delight.


What’s your flavour?

First Choice Power Cup comes in five exciting and great-tasting flavours – Strawberry, Strawberry & Banana, Granadilla, Cream Soda and Coconut. You can enjoy Power Cup anytime as a yummy treat.

Convenient and delicious, it can be served straight off the shelf, chilled or frozen! Power Cup requires no refrigeration, making it the ideal snack!

Power Cup has a shelf-life of up to 6 months if it remains unopened. It is heat treated which gives it a longer shelf-stable life – making it perfect for road trips, hikes, hideaways in the bushveld and trips to the beach when fridges and appliances are not as easily available.

First Choice’s delicious milk and dairy products are farm fresh and filled with natural goodness that is mainly sourced from pasture-fed cows.

First Choice, the good choice.

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