The Rumpl Flame Blanket Is Perfect For Fireside Lounging


The good folks at Rumpl don’t spend much time dwelling on what’s cool. Instead, the Oregon label that pioneered the modern camping blanket (and ranked number one in our roundup of the best camping blankets) unveils colorful, creative and surprisingly capable outdoor equipment on their own terms. It’s been that way since the beginning, and probably will be for time to come.

And yet, camping blankets like those made popular by Rumpl and other outfitters aren’t really equipped to handle a fundamental aspect of camping—the campfire. Even a single stray ember spells trouble for synthetic fibers, burning its way through layer after layer of material until your beloved blanket is filled with holes. But again, Rumpl is always reexamining such shortfalls, which is why they’ve released the all-new NanoLoft Flame Blanket, a throw made with resistant fibers to repel sparks, embers and unforeseen ash.

So how does one make a flame-resistant blanket? Well, it all comes down to a proprietary blend of fibers, modacrylic and cotton, developed to keep the blanket free of melted holes from flying sparks. In fact, the blanket passes the ISO 15025:2016 standard for protection against flame, and it’s still packed with post-consumer recycled NanoLoft insulation to retain warmth. It’s also constructed from 12 recycled water bottles and the other side of the blanket features a softer, smoother fabric for evenings when you’re not hanging around the fire.

If you’re tasked with prepping foods, cleaning up or simply need two hands, deploy the Cape-Clip to attach the blanket at the corners for hands-free warmth. And when you’re in between campsites and firepits, the 52 x 38-inch blanket packs into a handy travel case that’s no bigger than a Nalgene bottle and weighs less than a pound. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Rumpl blanket if it didn’t earn points for style, which is why it’s available in three hardy colors (Dijon, Deepwater and Crimson) that are sure to catch a compliment or two.

When you’re ready to upgrade your camping blanket and don’t care to worry about the occasional fireside ember, pick up the Flame Blanket for $129 through Rumpl or REI.


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