The Outdoor Kitchen: New favorites for car camping


Montbell Shelf
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It seems that my car-camping kitchen set-up is an ever-evolving mess of tubs, crates and boxes containing tons of stuff I don’t need. Each summer, I try and streamline the process by getting rid of extras and replacing or updating essentials. I’m far from having this system perfected, but here are some new favorites I’ve added to my camp kitchen this season. 

1. Decked X Pathfinder Campfire Cooking Kit

Decked and Pathfinder Survival teamed up to create an all-in-one campfire kit that easily packs into one big zippered bag, priced at $475. The kit contains a variety of cooking vessels, plates, bowls, cups and silverware for four, as well as serving tongs, a brush stove, a small grill and a cutting board. All pieces except the cutting board are made with stainless steel, and each piece perfectly fits into its own foam compartment inside a Decked D-Bag. I love how easy it is to grab and go with this bag knowing you have everything you’ll need.

Decked Camp Kit

2. Montbell Multi Folding Table Wide with Shelf Board

Table space is always a coveted thing when car camping, and this looker from Montbell is my new go-to. It has three levels of height adjustment, including a low setting for when you’re sitting on the ground. Made with an aluminum frame, it’s light and easily packs up into a provided carry bag. Montbell says you could seat six people around it, but I think that would be pretty tight. The separately-sold shelf board sits on the lower portion for extra storage. It took a little bit to understand how to make all the adjustments, but if you follow the instructions you should be able to figure it out quickly.  $259 for the table and $49 for the shelf board, 

Montbell Table
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3. Eureka Sprk+ Camp Stove

Sometimes it’s nice to not have to cart your giant stove along. This compact, all-in-one single burner stove makes it easy to cut out some bulk while maintaining the option of a powerful stove. An integrated fuel compartment fits 8 oz. butane canisters, adjustable feet allow for level cooking on any surface and an auto-ignition makes for fast and easy lighting. I especially love its simmer control that sometimes gets lost on my bigger stoves. It comes in its own carrying case. I recommend getting the griddle accessory to further enhance your cooking options. $60 for the stove, $43 for the griddle, 

Eureka Sprk+
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4. Hydroflask Serving Bundle

When you’re cooking for a group of people at your campsite, serving bowls are a great thing to have on hand. This serving set from Hydroflask includes 5-quart and 3-quart bowls, tight-fitting lids and two serving spoons. The double wall insulation keeps hot food hot and cold food cold for when you’re prepping at home before your trip, or for leftovers after dinner. With pro-grade stainless steel, they are bombproof and durable enough to throw in the dishwasher when you get home. $126,

Hydroflask Serving Set
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Meg Simon is an Aspen-based freelance writer, graphic designer and founder of Simon Finch Creative. She can be reached at


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