The Essential Camping Gear That Lives in My Car


Outside reviews editor Jeremy Rellosa is the king of weekend adventures. As such, you’ll never find him without everything anyone might need for a last-minute camping setup. In this episode of the Gear Shed, Jeremy digs through his beloved camping box and explains why these items are essential to his outdoor lifestyle. 


Jeremy recommends:

Soap in Seconds ($20)

Camping lantern ($15)

Portable jump starter and USB charger ($160)

Trash bags ($12)

Kelty Bestie BFF blanket ($50)

Mountain Explorer medical kit ($62)

Instant coffee ($6)

Toilet paper ($2)

IsoPro fuel canister ($6)

16-ounce steel propane fuel ($7)

Jetboil MiniMo cooking system ($150)

Lighter ($5)

Drybag ($30)

Primus Kinjia camping stove ($190)

Moving blanket ($9)


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