The camping year in review and forecast for 2023


The Spanish domestic market has had an excellent year according to Ana Beriain, the president of the Spanish Camping Federation

THE last year has been marked by an unprecedented recovery from the global pandemic for the camping industry.

Before the end of the year, the president of the Spanish Camping Federation, Ana Beriain, shared her thoughts on what she also views as a particularly successful year for the sector. Beriain has been president of the national camping body for over a decade, and had some fascinating insights to share on the current state, and future expectations from the market.

In terms of trends during the last year Beriain is particularly satisfied with the strong autumn season that was recorded and the return of the domestic camping market, but noted that one market has not yet returned since the pandemic. The market for British campers has not yet recovered with the same numbers as before.

According to Beriain, 2023 is also shaping up to be another successful year for the sector, a national project using Next Generation funds from the EU is set to boost activity experiences for campers, making camping more attractive than ever.

Though supply issues are to be expected into the new year, its low-cost credentials are expected to bring even more on board.

Beriain finished with a wish for continued success and a ‘Happy New Year’ message to all campers and industry professionals.


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