The Bisgear Camping Cookware Set Is On Sale for $19


Anyone who loves to camp, backpack, or even just cook in the great outdoors knows that it’s  not always an easy process. And unlike those who stay at home, you can’t order takeout on the trail if the meal goes array. 

Thankfully, there are portable cookware options out there backed by reviewers and perfect for your next trip away from your stove and pantry — like Bisgear’s 16-Piece Camping Cookware Set, which is also on sale now. For just $19 you can snag an entire set of outdoor eating essentials, ready to follow you wherever you’re headed next. 

The set is designed to be both very compact and entirely practical. It includes eating utensils like stainless steel sporks and knives, soup ladle, rice spoon, cleaning loofah, bowls, a frying pan, and a nonstick pot. What’s more, it also includes the true essential to outdoor cooking: a small but powerful mini stove. 


To buy: Bisgear 16-Piece Camping Cookware Set, $19 (originally $27) at

Whether you’re a car camper, serious off-trail backpacker, or just like to cook something homemade on a park picnic, this set is a solid pick for singles or couples. It includes all the basics for cooking and eating, and you can add any additional tools of your own to the convenient carrying bag. The pieces are made from lightweight materials like anodized aluminum and BPA-free plastic, so your pack can stay manageable to carry, but you won’t have to worry about getting hungry on the trail. 

The only thing not included in the cookware set is a gas canister to attach to the mini stove, so just pick up a portable-sized option before a trip. One shopper recommended this one for a perfect fit, and it’s under $15. The stove is easy to attach to the gas tank, and heats up quickly. 

A few reviewers have noted that the plastic bowls and serving tools aren’t large or sturdy enough for their liking, so you may also prefer to replace the eating implements with cups, bowls, or plates of your own size and style preference. Still, even with this feedback, the overwhelming consensus among reviewers is that just the pot and pan, in addition to the stove, make this set worth the cost. 

One reviewer attested, “This is a very quality set for the price…don’t let the low price fool you.” Another touted it as the “perfect camping set for backpacking.”

A third praised it, saying “I loved how compact everything was and how it all fit together for space-saving purposes.”

If you’re heading out on an adventure or are looking for a thoughtful gift for a camper, snag the Bisgear 16-Piece Camping Cookware Set while the Amazon discount makes it less than $20. 

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