The Best Hiking and Camping Equipment


For those who love getting their clothes covered in jungle mud, mountain snow or desert dust, the best camping, hiking and sailing equipment is essential to a successful expedition.

We’ve curated a list of the very best adventure products from the world’s most highly respected brands and best stockists.

Take a look at our list and get inspired by the beauty of nature, best experienced by immersing yourself in your environment. Remember, high-quality clothing and equipment on a true outdoor expedition can be the difference between returning in your car or a rescue helicopter.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Snow Triclimate Jacket

There’s no outdoor equipment brand comparable to The North Face. The American label has been the top supplier of high-grade mountaineering apparel since 1968, supplying climbers with durable, reliable mountain climbing apparel and equipment. Keeping style at the forefront, The North Face has even collaborated with designer heavyweights like Gucci.

Keeping yourself warm is very important when camping and hiking. That’s where The North Face’s DryVent™ and ThermoBall™ technology comes in, in the form of the . Developed in-house for use in the harshest conditions, this waterproof jacket promises to keep you at a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather.

Women’s ThermoBall Eco Snow Triclimate Jacket, A$700 | Source: The North Face

Helly Hansen Skagen Offshore Bib

Some get their dose of outdoor adventure by skimming over the tops of heavy swell to race, explore or just feel the wind in their hair. When sailing, especially offshore or on the coast, it’s best to prepare for the inevitable spray, wind and cold of the open ocean.

Weighing in at just over a kilogram, the is the experienced sailor’s best friend. You may have seen videos of lobster trawlers in the North-West Pacific, huge waves drenching the fishermen in saltwater; these kinds of conditions are what the offshore bib is designed to deal with.

Multiple waterproof pockets, durable shoulder straps with heavy-duty clips and Helly Hansen’s usual high-quality construction make this useful piece of kit very hard to tear or break.

W Skagen Offshore Bib, A$550 | Source: Helly Hansen

Salomon Speedcross 6 Running Shoes

There are no trail running shoes quite like Salomons, and the brand’s is our pick of the litter. Lightweight and breathable, once you’ve put them on using their brilliant fast-lacing technology, it’s not hard to see why they are the go-to trail running shoe for the smart hiker.

Designed to offer maximum grip for loose dirt but plenty of mud-shedding ability for speed over wet terrain, the foothold is very snug thanks to their Sensifit™ construction. A welded upper and EnergyCell+ midsole keep your feet safe from sharp surfaces but also flex enough that you are able to hit your stride. There’s quite simply no trail running shoe better crafted for everything the outdoors throws at you.

Speecross 6 Men’s, A$229.99 | Source: Salomon

Backcountry Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 + Annex

There are a variety of reasons for not wanting to sleep on the ground when camping, from crocodiles in the Kimberley to bull ants in the bush. Rooftop tents provide a safe and convenient way to camp, with Swedish brand Thule leading the way as the premier rooftop tent brand offering reliability, durability and high-quality construction.

If you’re thinking of camping for your next trip, the comfortable, convenient set-up of the ensures you are well protected from the elements. Hear the sound of rain on the tent roof and enjoy a restful sleep knowing there’ll be no nasty surprises in your sleeping bag when you wake up.

x Tepui Explorer Autana 3 + Annex, A$2,499.95 | Source: Backcountry

Black Diamond Equipment Icon 700 Headlamp

When camping, hiking or just getting out into nature, many overlook the importance of being able to clearly see what you are doing once the sun dips below the horizon. A high-quality headlamp is essential for activities such as fishing or hunting, enabling you to bait a line or tie a lure, nigh on impossible in low light or darkness.

Black Diamond is a rock climbing specialist brand and although they’re often used for cave climbing, bouldering and night-time rock climbing. The is widely known as a top-of-the-range piece of specialist outdoor equipment, offering up to 190 hours of burn time from four AA batteries.

Perfect for those wishing to engage in nighttime outdoor activities, like telling spooky ghost stories around the campfire.

Black Diamond Icon 700 Headlamp, A$109.95 | Source: Black Diamond

Berghaus Men’s MTN Guide GTX Pro Jacket

Berghaus has a well-deserved reputation for designing outdoor apparel that goes above and beyond expectations and leaves the wearer feeling very well protected from the elements. Strategically placed GORETEX PRO Stretch 70D panels ensure complete freedom of movement and ventilation.

All this quality does not sacrifice sustainability and Berghaus has decided to use fabrics that are bluesign® approved, meaning they were constructed with minimal carbon emissions and the world’s strictest chemical safety requirements for textiles.

was designed with the most rugged, inhospitable mountains and will see you home safe and sound no matter how far you push yourself.

Men’s MTN Guide GTX Pro Jacket, approx. A$910 | Source: Berghaus

Chrome Industries Barrage Pro Backpack

Getting back to the great outdoors does not necessarily mean you have to get out of the city and Chrome Industries’ range of durable bags, clothing and shoes are designed with the rugged urban jungle in mind.

Professional messengers dodge and weave the traffic of New York City delivering important packages to the top businesses of the city that never sleeps. The was designed to get packages to their destinations completely undamaged and protected from the weather.

This enlarged version of the 100 per cent welded waterproof roll-top, a huge cargo net compression build means you can transport the largest parcel, package or collection of the two in complete comfort.

Barrage Pro Backpack, A$895 | Source: Chrome Industries

Kathmandu Trailhead Men’s Rain Trousers

Wearability and innovative design are hallmarks of Kathmandu apparel and these very handy rainproof trousers will be your best friend from the tropical jungle to the icy slopes. Featuring an innovative ankle zip to allow removal without taking off hiking boots, Kathmandu’s are the perfect example of just why the outdoor brand is so highly regarded by hikers, climbers and trekkers.

A lightweight design and stylish cut add to the trouser’s appeal, while a bio-based membrane ensures the fabric is windproof, waterproof and has excellent ventilation.

Trailhead Men’s Rain Pants, A$149.98 | Source: Kathmandu

Amazing travel experiences are a short flight away and with travel restrictions becoming a distant memory, there’s never been a better time to get out there and experience the most adventurous activities on offer across the globe.


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