The Best Camping Spots In Call Of Duty: Warzone 2


Camping can be a tough task in a battle royale. You have to constantly reevaluate your position with the moving circle and rotating players that may push your position. If you’re lucky and the circle lands where you’ve set up shop, you can definitely get away with camping for a few kills.

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In a BR like Call of Duty: Warzone, teams can spread out and camp an entire point of interest. On Al Mazrah in Warzone 2, you’ll find plenty of ample camping sites. These are spots you’ll need to be aware of, not just to camp there yourself, but to ensure you don’t get caught off guard by a stationary enemy.


10/10 Mawizeh Marshlands

A player sits prone on a building in the Mawizeh Marshlands.

The Mawizeh Marshlands provide little cover, but the area acts as an important chokepoint. Anyone coming from or to Al Mazrah City will have to make their way through the Marshlands. This is where camping comes in handy.

You will find a few roofs to sit on with a great view of every direction. There are also bodies of water that allow you to hide underneath or make a quick escape by swimming. If you want to counter someone already camping here, approach carefully and keep your eyes open.

9/10 Rohan Oil

A player crouches and looks out from the top of an oil tank at Rohan Oil.

Rohan Oil is a maze of office buildings and massive oil tanks. While it is near the northern part of the map, there are times the final circle reaches the location. This makes it the perfect spot for campers to bide their time as the circle closes in.

Almost all of the oil tanks have a ladder to reach the top or a bridge connecting it with another one. The best way to avoid being spotted by a camper here is by coming in from above, whether during a redeployment or diving out of a helicopter. Otherwise, anyone camping here can spot you from a mile away if you’re approaching from the wide open surrounding area.

8/10 Al Sharim Pass

A player holds his pistol on top of a building at the Al Sharim Pass point of interest.

Al Sharim pass is the gateway to the top half of Al Mazrah in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. It sits right next to the Observatory and between the Marshlands and Ahkdar Village. The Pass can be considered a small town in its own right, with several buildings to loot and explore.

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This is an area to avoid if you don’t get there first. Because of its central location on the map, there’s bound to be a player, or an entire squad, camping there. If you’re lucky enough to land at Al Sharim Pass and claim it for your own, you’ll have a nice spot to lay low until you’re forced to move.

7/10 Zarqwa Hydroelectric

The player and his assault rifle look at the bridge of Zarqwa Hydroelectric from the top of the water tower.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric is a northern-central point of interest in Al Mazrah. It has water passages for you to swim through and buildings to hide in. However, the camping spot to watch out for is one you’d never expect.

There is a water tower at the edge of the location. You can land on it while dropping in from above or take a long climb up its ladder. There’s zero cover up there, which makes it a sneaky spot to camp at. It is a great place to go prone and catch enemies off guard. Keep your eyes on that tower if you’re approaching Zarqwa Hydroelectric to spot anyone up top.

6/10 Al-Safwa Quarry

The player looks down into the construction area of Al-Safwa Quarry in Warzone 2.0.

You’ll find that Al-Safwa Quarry is the easternmost point of interest in Warzone 2. It has a variety of terrains, high and low, for you to take advantage of. If you want to make the most of camping here, scour the outer rim of the quarry to avoid being stuck down below.

You may have to rotate eventually if the area doesn’t remain in the circle, but if it does, you’ve got plenty of loot to be ready for the other players to push you. If you have to push into the location, be wary of the construction equipment. On top of, underneath, and behind them are all popular camping zones.

5/10 Al Samman Cemetery

A loadout drop is signaled as a player goes prone on a hill outside of the Al Samman Cemetery.

Al Samman Cemetery and its surrounding hills are camper central. Snipers love to sit on the hills and pick off anyone making their way through the graveyard. There are also several shacks spread throughout the cemetery that you can camp in as you listen for footsteps running past.

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The cemetery itself is quite vast and open. If you’re watching it from nearby, you’ll have no problem spotting an enemy running within its confines. This goes both ways, though. You’ll want to zig and zag to the best of your ability to prevent a sniper from taking you out.

4/10 Zaya Observatory

A player sits on top of one of the observatory buildings at the Zaya Observatory area.

Zaya Observatory is one of the most popular landing spots in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. This is due to its location near the middle of the map, the amount of loot found here, and the strategic capabilities of the area. If you can win the fight against every other team or player dropping here, you’ll have a lovely camping spot.

There are observatory buildings, office buildings, and a warehouse for you and your squad to lock down. Most of them allow you to climb on top as well. With the location set atop a mountain, you’ll be able to see far and wide. There’s no chance of countering a team that has made this spot their home.

3/10 Sattiq Cave Complex

The player looks out to the surrounding areas from the top of the Sattiq Cave Complex mountain.

One of the highest locations in Warzone 2.0 is the Sattiq Cave Complex. Yes, it has a cave system, but on top is a small village. There are quite a few buildings to loot here and a view that lets you scope out areas like Zarwa Hydroelectric, Haif Port, Sa’id City, and the Zaya Observatory.

This is a sniper’s paradise. With so many surrounding points of interest, you’re bound to hear shots whizzing past your head if you are out in the open. Most campers here keep their eyes to the east, so get behind it near the Quarry, climb up, and push through from the west to flank anyone here that might cause trouble.

2/10 Al Bagra Fortress

A player stands on top of the fortified wall of Al Bagra Fortress, looking across the bridge.

The sturdy walls of Al Bagra Fortress will protect anyone who camps in this spot. It is at the very southern point of Al Mazrah, but Warzone players flock here at the start of a match. There’s tons of loot and the opportunity to start the match with a few eliminations and a full kit.

The circle may find its way here, but regardless of that, campers are common. There is often a stronghold here later in the match, which is why you’ll want to plant your feet at the Fortress. Get to the top, and anyone coming from the north will be easily spotted. There’s not much chance to take this location back once it has been claimed.

1/10 Al Malik Airport

A player and his revolver look down at the Al Malik Airport from the top of the air traffic control tower.

The runway of the Al Malik Airport is the last place you want to be if someone is camping on top of the air traffic control tower. This is the most prominent camping spot in all of Warzone 2, and you’ll want to be aware of it anytime you’re near the southeastern part of the map.

The only way to the top, besides dropping in, is by an upward zipline on the side of the building. That makes this camping spot easy to protect and easy to use. A Precision Airstrike launched at the roof might displace the camper here, but not before they can do some damage.

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