The 7 Best Camping Chairs 2022


Camping undeniably rocks, but only if you have the right gear—more specifically, a chair that’s comfy enough to pass out in after you’ve had the requisite 11 beers that generally accompany a night spent in the woods with your buddies. We’re talking about function, style, and durability—we don’t want a soggy bottom, we don’t want a flimsy frame, and we definitely don’t want unstable cup holders—because as far as I know, they don’t have beer stores in the forest. (Might wanna fact check that, though.) 

The best camping chairs should be ones that are easy to set up, sturdy enough to inelegantly toss in the trunk of your car, and are (actually) enjoyable enough to sit in for extended periods of time, since 80 percent of camping involves sitting in chairs, staring into the fire, and chatting with your pals while you slug back delicious beverages (alcoholic or not.) That’s why we strung together this list of some of our favorite camping chairs on the web, from easygoing rockers and arboreal command centers to minimalist loungers and more. Ready the marshmallows and crack a cold one—it’s time to plop down in your soon-to-be woodsman throne. 

From the makers of your favorite coolers

You know the ones—and Coleman’s high-quality standards don’t stop with coolers. In fact, this camping chair actually has a built-in, four-can cooler, along with a mesh cup holder, a comfortable head cushion, side pockets, a 24-inch seat, and a one-year limited warranty. Plus, with a 4.7-star average rating from over 47,000 reviews, they’ve got to be doing something right.

$36.75 at Amazon


We probably don’t need to tell you anything besides the name of this bad boy, Big Bubba, but we will. The contoured frame, supportive neck pillow, and adjustable, removable footrest allow you to fully recline and snooze the day away until it’s time for another pint, which the integrated drink holder keeps close at hand.

$101.95 at Backcountry

Rock on, people

No, literally—this camping chair actually doubles as a rocking chair, perfect for achieving that “wise grandpa” look when telling your one (1) party story around the campfire. The GCI Outdoor Comfort Pro rocker chair uses patented spring-loaded shocks that provide a smooth rocking motion on almost any surface, and features a mesh backrest for ventilation, a built-in carrying strap, and both a built-in beverage holder and phone pocket.

$69.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

$69.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Minimalist comfort

If you don’t care as much about the bells and whistles when it comes to camping chairs, these minimal pieces from REI and Woods Canada are perfect for your keister. The Mammoth from Woods Canada is a luxurious, padded chair with oversized dimensions to let you fully stretch out and relax on its durable, 600-denier fabric, while the tall REI Co-op Outward Padded Lawn Chair has ample blanket storage, and is treated with a water-repellent finish to protect it from light rain and stains.

$89 at Woods Canada

$89.95 at REI

That’s kinda shady, dude…

… In a good way! This camper from L.L.Bean is the move if you’re setting up shop in an area without much natural sun protection. It’s equipped with both SPF SunShade technology and an adjustable shade that rotates approximately 270 degrees to provide maximum coverage. Made from breathable nylon mesh, the solid arms provide support when plopping on it, and the built-in beverage holder means your cans will stay in arm’s reach. Plus, L.L.Bean throws in a large-mouth carry bag with your purchase.

$89.95 at L.L. Bean

Your woodland throne

Welcome, my liege, may we bring you a kinda-cold PBR and a saucisson américaine avec moutarde (hot dog)? No? Your loss, but whatever you’re munching on while sitting in this Hondo Base Camp Chair will taste great, since you’ll have the comfy FlexGrid fabric to cushion your caboose. Yeti is one of our favorite outdoor gear brands with a cult-like following, and this chair is no exception: it has a five-year warranty, an included cup holder, and its design allows you to simply hose it down when you need to clean it.

$300 at Yeti

Now get ready to start—woah! Don’t let that marshmallow burn, cowboy.

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