The 6 Best Campsites in France for Your 2023 Holidays


France is Europe’s top camping destination. Trying to identify the best campsites in France can be overwhelming because every single French region has incredible campsites!

Why is France one of the most important camping destinations in Europe? Not only because of the stunning locations of many campsites, but also the great road network and transport system making it easy to reach the various regions, the amazing food, the weather, the nature….

Really, you can’t go wrong anywhere in France. You just have to make good use of our search filters, to identify the campsite that is best for YOU and your family’s needs.

But look, to give some examples, let’s have a look at six of the best campsites in France, to take you to the heart of France and its culture.

Our Pick of the Best French Campsites

If you’re one of the 89 million annual tourists visiting France and you want to experience the country at its best, check out these 6 best campsites in France where to relax, enjoy the nature, and disconnect from daily life.

Camping Sandaya La Cote de Nacre

If you want to stay in a camp in France, the Camping La Cote de Nacre is a 5-star campsite that offers a welcoming atmosphere. This site is 500 metres from the extensive beach of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer and 30 minutes from the scenic town of Caen.

This campsite has a lot of amenities like a heated water park, indoor pool, and water slides. Camping La Cote de Nacre is a perfect getaway for your family with its Norman charm.

The region around the campsite is full of culture and heritage since it’s located between Arromanches and Ouistreham. If you like history, you can visit the June 1944 landings in all its length and width.

Camping La Gallouette

Camping La Gallouette is the starting point for a lot of hiking and cycling tours. It’s an ideal place to camp in France if you want to join these events. The quiet campsite helps you feel rested and relaxed before you set off on any of the more strenuous activities.

This site has a picturesque maritime atmosphere with a lot of great amenities. It has an outdoor heated swimming pool, boules pitch and a stable Wi-Fi connection. If you’re travelling with your children, you can rest easy with its child gaming facilities.

This camp’s location is perfect no matter what activities you have in mind. It’s a 5-minute walk to the sea, harbour and shops, and other interesting places such as the Hougue Tower and Tahitou Island’s Chateau Vauban.

L’Oree du Bois

L’Oree du Bois is one of the most serene campsites in France. It’s located in the heart of the Coubre Hills, which has swathes of maritime pines. The greenery helps you relax, breathe in, and feel one with nature.

With facilities such as an outdoor playground, entertainment room, games room, and so much more. In summer, they offer climbing and archery if you want to try new outdoor experiences.

If you’re suffering from body pain or stress, L’Oree du Bois has a hydrotherapy facility. Being immersed in the water helps your body relieve itself of stress and improve blood circulation.

The site is only 4 kilometres away from the Cote Sauvage and its majestic sandy beaches and if you’re not an outdoors person, you can enjoy the nearby zoo and casino!

Camping La Route Blanche

Camping La Route Blanche’s location makes it one of the most picturesque places to camp in France. It’s situated in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, close to Granville and faces the Chausey, Jersey, and Guernesey Islands.

Camping La Route Blanche is family-friendly and has a charming, flowery setting. It has a heated waterpark with slides, a padding-pool, and bubble pool. You can let your children have fun in their children’s play area while you check out its other amenities.

This site has a magnificent 9 and 18-holes golf course and a multi-sport court. It’s the perfect place to stay if you want to become more active and stay fit.

Castel Chateau de L’Eperviere

This 5-star campsite is family-run, located in the heart of Burgundy, situated in the grounds of a 16th-century castle, making it a perfect place for history enthusiasts to relax and admire its majesty. It’s a great place to stop if want a luxurious holiday while on the way to the South.The Castel Chateau de L’Eperviere has modern facilities including:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Pizzerias, Restaurants, and Bars
  • Luxury Shops
  • Sports and Fitness Facilities

The Castel Chateau d L’Eperviere’s atmosphere is superb. It has a nice countryside feel set in beautiful trees that help take you away from the urban stress.

Camping Sandaya Chateau des Marais

This camping site is a perfect choice if you want to have a family day with your children. Camping Sandaya Chateau des Marais is 500 metres away from Chateau de Chambord’s domain and 200 metres away from Loire a Velo itineraries.

Its 14-hectare woodland park lets you appreciate the peace and quiet nature has to offer, with either tents, chalets or mobile homes as your choice of stay.

This camp also has a lot of great facilities:
A swimming pool area with slides and lazy river for all ages, a bar, a restaurant, a grocery store, and other facilities to make sure you have everything you need.

They even have Kids’ Club events between July and August!

Tips for Booking a French Campsite

There are over 11,000 campsites located throughout France and each offers a terrific amount of facilities to suit every budget and every camping style. To pick up the best French campsite, these are the 3 things you need to know.

The Star Rating System

Campsites in France are classified according to a star-rating system: the price usually reflects the stars with 1 star being the smallest campsites, with very few facilities and a pitch over 70m² and 5 stars being places offering a reception in 3 languages including English, a compulsory swimming pool, Internet access, optional leisure services, and a pitch over 80m².

Location Location Location

Every single campsite in France is located in stunning places. Even if you’re really interested in one specific campsite, make sure it’s close to the attractions you want to see and the things you want to do. For sure you don’t want to sleep in Brittany to visit Languedoc! Make sure you know French geography a bit, at least to be sure you don’t end up in a location you don’t want to be.

Plan in advance

Booking is always needed especially in high season. Peak season goes roughly to mid-June to the end of August: children don’t go to school, and it’s tradition to take time off between the end of July and the end of August. This time of the year prices increase and it’s really necessary to plan everything in advance, in order to being sure to book the chosen campsite.

How to find the best campsites in France

At Campsited, we can help you chose the best campsites in France according to your budget and camping style, always ensuring your camping adventure in France will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

There are over 11,000 campsites located throughout France that fit a variety of budgets and interests, and we are here to help you narrow down those choices to book an unforgettable vacation for your family.

Start your search for a great campsite for your next holiday in France here


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