Strains Sense: 10 Cannabis Strains To Elevate Your Next Camping Trip


If you want to relax wrapped in a blanket while enjoying the infinite starry sky, this strain is for you. Northern Lights is the perfect strain to use at the end of a long day to contemplate the universe.

Sometimes on camping days, you just want a reliable, sleepy, relaxing strain to soak up all that nature brings. 

Northern Lights is an almost pure indica strain. When consuming it, muscle tension and physical stress evaporate almost immediately, Northern Lights feels like it takes the weight of the world off your shoulders, and you can melt into the universe. 

When consuming Northern Lights, you can expect a sense of well-being that relieves mental stress and elevates mood. The perfect complement? A few well-charged Smores by the campfire. 

Northern Lights can have a very high THC content, averaging between 16-19%. This strain has a strong piney forest aroma with an almost lemony pungency. It often has a hint of spiciness with a bit of Kush sweetness. 


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