‘Something’s wrong,’ Family of missing Arkansas couple on Colorado camping trip share concerns


ALAMOSA COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) — The family of Robert and Mary Jane Bowman is extremely concerned after the two stopped communicating with others while on a camping trip in Colorado.

The family says the couple, both in their 70’s, loves to find secluded spots to camp. From Arkansas, the pair will often make the trip to one of their favorite places in the world – Colorado.

“They do these trips quite frequently, every year. This is just what they do. They’re very experienced campers. They love, love, love just being in the outdoors by themselves,” daughter-in-law Beth Bowman told KRDO Tuesday.

Robert and Mary Jane Bowman

Bowman said the two travel with ATVs and usually take those out if they find a good spot.

They set off from Arkansas to Colorado in late May. They told their family they were at Great Sand Dunes National Park and were planning to head up a mountain in the area — but they didn’t specify which mountain.

“They said that they were trying to acclimate to the altitude,” Bowman said. Another family member told KRDO that they had issues with acclimating to the altitude in Colorado in the past, so they were really trying to ease into it this time.

Worry sets in for the couple’s family with each passing day. The two last communicated with family members on May 27, 2022.

“Our biggest fear, I guess, at this point is that, you know, maybe.. maybe they got to a place where they got stuck in a place where they couldn’t get themselves down,” Bowman said.

Concerned family members got law enforcement involved after a few days of no contact. Bowman told KRDO it’s been an emotional roller coaster.

“We’re getting a bunch of tips, people that are like, ‘Oh, we’ve seen that camper, we’ve seen it,’ and it’s kind of just like, all over the place,” Bowman said.

Robert and Mary Jane Bowman’s truck and camper

Still, they are grateful that people are keeping an eye out and they hope people keep calling if they see a camper that looks like it could belong to Robert and Mary Jane.

“Everything helps, no detail is too small. If, even if they think they saw it, I mean, definitely call into the sheriff and let them know because, you know, let them put the pieces together,” Bowman said. “Every little detail counts.”

The family doesn’t think the two would be without their camper or their ATVs.

The vehicle is a blue 2001 Ford pickup with Arkansas plate 445-SBZ. The camper trailer is unique as it is a pickup bed camper mounted on a flatbed trailer.

If you think you’ve seen the Bowmans, please contact the Alamosa County Sheriff’s Department at 719-589-6608.


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