Silky-Soft Tree Sleeper: TrunkTech Hammock Review


I’ve always loved hammocking, and camping, but never combined the two until recent years. And it’s even better when you have an ultralight hammock as comfortable as this one.

Grand Trunk makes all sorts of hammocks and camp accouterments for the outdoors. But maybe my favorite product (my first piece of gear from the brand!) is the ultralight, silky-soft TrunkTech Hammock. It’s not even the brand’s lightest, but its low weight paired with its packed size and weight capacity makes it worthy of a GearJunkie review.

In short: The TrunkTech comes in both single and double sizes, and is durable, soft, strong, and breathable. Grand Trunk goes as far as to say it packs down smaller than an ordinary parachute nylon hammock, and nearly cuts the weight in half. Compared to two other hammocks I own, I did in fact notice its much smaller packability. And it’s impossible not to notice its “bedsheet soft” fabric.

Here’s why you should consider dropping some of your gear allowance on this hammock versus others.

Grand Trunk TrunkTech Hammock Review

grand trunk hammock fabric
Fabric weave detail on the TrunkTech hammock; (photo/Mary Murphy)

The TrunkTech’s 40-denier ripstop nylon fabric is “woven like a fortress,” according to the brand. The slightly lower denier fabric, combined with a “micro” weave in the sewing process, are two elements that contribute to its light and soft design.

And that material is where much of its magic lies (this small, unassuming sack yields an 11-foot, trail-ready hammock).

Grank Trunk TrunkTech Specs

  • Materials: 40-denier ripstop nylon, micro-grid weave, aluminum carabiners, attached stuffsack
  • Size: 11 ft. (length)
  • Packed size: 4 x 4 x 6 in.
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Verified weight: 11.7 oz.
  • Lifetime guarantee
grand trunk webbing clips
Lightweight aluminum webbing clips on either end of the TrunkTech hammock; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Trail Tested: Day Use & Hammock Camping


I’m not going to claim that this hammock is revolutionary by any means, but is it a pretty dialed hammock in a small package.

This hammock sets up like any other — you can use Grand Trunk’s one-inch suspension straps, or any others you own to secure either end of this hammock to a stand of trees. The webbing points and carabiner clips are secure, and the fabric is strong enough to hold up to stretch and tension (and the full weight of an adult).

It’s also worth noting this single hammock has a 500-pound weight limit, compared to most others’ 300-400-pound limit. You can use it as a single hammock, but also don’t have to worry if you are doubling up with a friend or partner.

grand trunk tech setup photo mary murphy
Setting up the TrunkTech hammock.


I used this hammock in several different places (and temperatures) throughout Colorado over the course of the summer. Every time, it was easy to set up, take down, and stuff away.

The body of the hammock has held up extremely well; there’s been lots of wear, but no tears. The stuffsack has proved as durable in packing and travel, from the campsite to getting thrown around in my trunk.


Off the bat, I was impressed that a hammock as soft and light was durable enough for hours of extended use outdoors. The fabric is strong enough to hold weight (we tested up to 200 pounds), even when taut.

It’s also very roomy — another reason it’s a great choice for camping. There’s room to move around, shift position, and add a quilt to use when sleeping or to block wind.

You’ll definitely also want an underquilt too, though we didn’t test one with our current TrunkTech setup.

using the grand trunk hammock at camp in the mountains of Colorado
(Photo/Mary Murphy)

Why This Hammock Compared to Others?

If a hammock can maintain its durability and packability, while trimming weight and not sacrificing overall size, it has the Holy Grail of hangouts.

I could name several hammocks that weigh in at 6-10 ounces (and just as many that weigh well over a pound). At 11.7 ounces, this hammock impressed me largely because of its weight was low in relation to its sheer size and length. And it remains plenty pack-friendly when tucked away.

It’s comfortable, spacious, and longer than a few other standard single hammocks on market. The ENO SingleNest and Grand Trunk Ultralight ring in at 9.5 feet, the Sea to Summit Ultralight is 8.5 feet, and the Kammok Roo is 8 feet 4 inches.


Overall, I really enjoyed the packability of this hammock for overnight camping, hikes, weekend travel into the mountains, and impromptu hangouts at the park.

What won me over? Its silky softness. Seriously: it’s proven durable enough after weeks of use, and it’s so soft.

But also, this is the only hammock I can find at an 11-foot length with a 500-pound weight capacity — for just 70 bucks. Sure, some others are lighter, but not at this length, and not for this price.

Check Price at Grand Trunk

grand trunk hammock
(Photo/Mary Murphy)
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