Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to vote on 2 anti-camping ordinances


The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on Tuesday on a pair of ordinances that aim to limit where people living on the streets are allowed to camp.

Supervisors cleared the way for both ordinances during a meeting earlier this month.

One would prohibit people from camping within 25 feet of critical infrastructure – including levees and government buildings.

It would also prohibit camping near year-round homeless shelters, schools, libraries, and near areas that are prone to fires or floods.

Officials would be allowed to remove camps on the American River Parkway, which local fire crews say has seen a surge of fires caused by people experiencing homelessness.

The board is expected to vote on both ordinances around 2 p.m. Residents interested in the vote can attend the meeting in person or watch the live stream online.


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