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Camping groups confused by the new rules imposed by camping leadership were left upset after groups were crossed off and moved to the back of the line hours before the Sunflower Showdown yesterday.

Students had been camping since Friday, Jan. 22nd. Roll call may be done at any time during camping hours, which begin at 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Groups are knocked to the bottom of the list when they are not present at roll call, affecting the group’s ability to enter Allen Fieldhouse to watch the game.

During camping on Tuesday afternoon, some students suggested they were present for roll call but were crossed off and knocked to the bottom of the list.

“We have documented times of everyone being here,” Sophomore Alexandria Brown said, a member of Do It For Dick. “[Camping leadership] just did the last roll, and we were not on the list, but we were here.”

Students and camping leadership confirmed the last roll call took place at 1:15 p.m. Camping leadership posted a new call list soon after, and to some campers’ surprise, a handful of groups present were listed as no-shows.

The Troy Bolton Wildcats, 10th on the list, were left off but had timestamps and documentation to prove they were in the fieldhouse during the roll call.

“We have a GroupMe, and every time we switch, or roll is called, a member posts in the chat,” Sophomore Kamryn Sulzner said, a member of that group.

The last confirmation Sulzner had received was from the 11:02 a.m. roll call, with another text at 2 p.m. confirming that the group was switching. In between that time, there was a roll call, but no one notified the group.

The member from Brown’s group entered the fieldhouse to further prove the group was represented during the last roll while talking with Sultzer.

During the roll, groups who were crossed off the list were disgruntled. Several demanded to speak to leadership or see records.

“I am the one who called it, and I have witnesses from other groups. I want to see the old sheet,” Junior Emily Swinson demanded during the roll call.

At 11:36 a.m. that day, camping leadership sent a tweet reiterating the rules of camping and asking campers to stop complaining to them.

Many students joined Swinson in frustration as they reviewed the latest tweets and new rules.

A member of the camping leadership team later confirmed to Brown that they mistakenly crossed off their group and reinstated Do It For Dick onto the list.

A camping leadership team representative was dispatched to the camping site to clear up confusion and answer questions from groups.

The new rules of camping were posted on Twitter at the beginning of the semester and included a new clause on voting to encourage group decision-making.

“On occasion, a vote is required by the present campers on various issues,” the clause reads. “During voting, all groups are called to the front and made aware of the current problem and given the chance to vote by group. Each group is given one vote, and as stated in the rules, groups will be called one by one and asked if they accept or reject the standings of the issue.”

“[A] majority voted to put the group back on which was then listed as resolved,” a representative from the camping leadership said in an interview. “So now the group is back on the list in their original spot.”

Even though the Troy Bolton Wildcats were back on the list, they still had to convince the rest of the groups to allow them to reclaim their top 10 position. They were ultimately unsuccessful, despite evidence in their favor showing that members of the group were present.

The group was added to the bottom of the list.

The camping leadership team reassured students they are working towards finding a solution to the frustration surrounding the reinstatement rule. Students hold the power to vote for or against groups, but by the time voting takes place, current campers may be different from campers who may have initially witnessed the situation.

With the Texas game Monday night, students will participate in the lottery drawing on Wednesday and camp until Monday, breaking for Saturday’s women’s home game and men’s away game.


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