Roam hitches as a camping trailer with the heart of a tiny house


Though some so-called tiny houses nowadays can be almost as large as a traditional home, the Roam is a tiny house that’s actually tiny. The towable dwelling has a length of just 12 ft (3.6 m), but squeezes in a surprising number of features, and can also optionally be outfitted to run off-the-grid for maximum freedom.

The Roam was designed by Texas-based firm Nook Tiny Homes, which positions it as offering the portability of a camping trailer but with the interior feel of a tiny house.

It would could be a good fit as a guesthouse or for weekend or vacation use. It can also optionally be configured for retail use or as an office space. To put its size into perspective, the Denali XL is over three times the length.

The interior is obviously compact – you’re not going to be throwing any dinner parties in here – but Nook Tiny Homes has managed to fit in many of the basics. The majority of the dwelling is taken up by a single space. This contains stacked beds which have integrated storage space. Nearby is a kitchenette, which features a small sink, some cabinetry, a fridge, and an electric stovetop.

The Roam's interior is very snug but does squeeze in a sleeping area and a small kitchenette
The Roam’s interior is very snug but does squeeze in a sleeping area and a small kitchenette

Nook Tiny Homes

Surprisingly, there’s also a bathroom, which is accessed by sliding door and contains a toilet and shower. Generous glazing throughout the tiny camperhouse helps fill it with daylight and a pull-out awning offers shade for dining and relaxing outside.

The Roam’s frame is manufactured from cold rolled steel, while mineral wool is used for insulation. The exterior is clad in metal inverted rib panels and topped by a standing seam metal roof. It also features a roof-based storage rack.

Though it runs from an RV-style hookup as standard, the Roam can optionally be fitted with solar panels for those who want to cut the cord and run off-the-grid. However, this will no doubt increase the starting price of US$55,000.

Source: Nook Tiny Homes


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