Retro-Styled Wayne Davis Teardrop Trailer Would Look Perfect Hooked Up to a Classic Car


Compact and easy to use, teardrop trailers have been around for decades. They’ve become popular in the 1940s after World War II as a great alternative to full-sized campers or RVs. Their popularity dwindled in the late 1950s but resurged during the last few decades, as more and more people embraced minimalism and simple living.

People love them because they are lightweight, can be towed by a wider variety of vehicles, and are also budget-friendly. Also, due to their compact design, teardrop trailers are excellent for adventurers who prefer shorter trips and only need the basic amenities when they’re on the road.

The vintage teardrop trailer you see here is a charming Wayne Davis custom camper built a little over 30 years ago, in 1992, to be more precise. It is in excellent original condition and would be the perfect weekend companion for a car enthusiast who owns a classic car. Of course, you can hook it up to a modern truck as well, but it wouldn’t render the same visual effect.

1992 Wayne Davis custom teardrop camping trailer

High quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail are the main characteristics of this vintage Wayne Davis teardrop camping trailer. Like any other rig of this kind, it offers a space to sleep, a little bit of storage, and a kitchen area in an aerodynamic package that can be towed even by a motorcycle.

This particular Wayne Davis trailer has seen very little use since new, which explains its stunning condition, and the attention to detail in its design and interior decor is just astounding. Designed in a teardrop shape, the rig features a wood main structure, a center front part finished in polished aluminum and an alloy roof that extends front to top.

The sides of the custom camper are wood paneled with a two tone finish. A dark mahogany-like finish dominates the design, while Birch-colored light trim elements can be observed along the edges and around the side windows. The large opening door towards the back of the teardrop trailer and the side entry door are also finished with a similar wood treatment. Wooden running boards are also fitted on both sides of the camper, also serving as stepping area when entering the rig.

Boasting a design inspired by the teardrop trailers of the 1920s and 1930s, the rig rides on classic wire wheels with stylish curved fenders finished in a dark Cherry red color. Continuing the classic theme, a set of teardrop-shaped taillights are mounted on the rounded fenders.

1992 Wayne Davis custom teardrop camping trailer

Opening one of the side doors, you are welcomed inside the teardrop camper. The interior is simple but elegant, cleverly engineered to stretch the full length of the rig and take advantage of every square inch available. There is a cozy double bed, custom cabinetry and racks for the owner’s storage needs, a mirror, doors and windows on either side, plus a built-in entertainment system comprised of a CD changer and a pair of speakers.

A half-clamshell door gives you access to the kitchenette, which is fully equipped with period correct carafes and glassware. It’s just perfect for entertaining on your weekend getaways, as there is a small sink and faucet, classic cocktail equipment, a knife rack, cutting board. Countersunk on the back wall, a small CRT television and a sound system complete the entertainment package and serve as an indication of the more modern age of this Wayne Davis camper.

As you can see, overlanders get everything they need from this vintage-looking custom teardrop trailer – a beautiful exterior design that would be the envy of any campground occupant, a comfortable sleeping space, and a functional and beautiful rear galley kitchen, all in a compact package that is easy to tow.

1992 Wayne Davis custom teardrop camping trailer

Whether you’re a camping enthusiast looking to explore the outdoors, a family in search of a lightweight camper, a retiree planning to hit the open road, or a collector who wants to add a retro teardrop trailer to their collection, you might want to check out this Wayne Davis model.

Offered from the John White Ramshead Collection, this stunning retro-styled Wayne Davis teardrop camping trailer is set to go under the hammer on January 27 in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a price guide of $50,000 – $75,000 USD. That’s quite a steep price to pay for a 30-year-old camper, considering new luxury teardrop trailers accommodating up to four people hover around $30,000 USD. But then again, the deep feeling of nostalgia this trailer would imbue your camping experience with cannot be matched by a modern camper.


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