Refillable ‘Gas Growler’ the gift that keeps on giving (while preventing camping waste)


Seeking to take on waste created by the popular single-use ‘green bottle’ propane tanks often used for camping, Ignik has offered a more sustainable solution – their ‘Gas Growler’ product.

In short, the Ignik Gas Growler is a highly-portable 5-pound, 1.2-gallon refillable propane tank that’s geared to make camping more sustainable. Given the potential impact that this product can have on reducing waste, it’s no surprise the Gas Growler received an award for innovation at the industry-leading Outdoor Retailer gear show.

According to Ignik, each refillable tank is initially certified for 12 years of use. Multiply the average number of green propane bottles you use per year by 12 for an idea of how much waste you can prevent over the Gas Growler’s lifetime.

The Gas Growler is also cheaper to use, with each tank holding the equivalent of five commonly used green propane camping tanks. Nationwide, the cost of propane is around $2.34 per gallon (at time of publishing), meaning a Ignik Gas Growler would cost about $2.80 to fill. A quick search on the web reveals that the typical ‘green propane’ camping tank costs about $5. That means you’re paying $2.80 for what might otherwise cost $25, also leaving less waste behind.

The Gas Growler by itself costs $109 on the Ignik website, but the Gas Growler Deluxe, which comes with a case and hose, costs $149. Ready to use and complete with a heavy-duty protective case that will help keep the tank from getting damaged while on the road, the Gas Growler Deluxe is the way to go.

It’s also worth noting that the Gas Growler can be used with the Ignik Firecan product, which acts as a safer, more sustainable gas-powered campfire. These two products together can result in a campfire with less risk of starting a wildfire.

Find more information about the Ignik Gas Growler deluxe here.

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