Quark Expeditions Expands Polar Camping Options


quark expeditions cruise ship ultramarine

Quark’s newest Polar expedition ship, Ultramarine. Photo: Quark Expeditions


Quark Expeditions is expanding its overnight camping options for guests visiting the Polar Regions. The line, which already offers camping in the Antarctic, is now offering a similar package in Greeland.

“Camping overnight in the Polar Regions has long captured the imaginations of our guests,” said Thomas Lennartz, vice president of sales for Quark. “Antarctic camping has been such a huge success that we’re launching this season a new option for camping enthusiasts in the Arctic: the Greenland Camp Experience along the Tasermiut Fjord n South Greenland.”

Participants will join local Greenlandic hosts at a luxury camp, located along the Tasermiut Fjord, where they’ll be treated to a find dining experience from a local chef and glamping in a luxury tent. Activities will include walks through the fjord and tundra “shopping” during which a local chef will showcase local ingredients.

“Overnight camping in South Greenland is by no means roughing it in the wild,” Lennartz said.

The Greenland overnight camping excursion is only available to guests on the Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land and Air itinerary and costs $795 per person.


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