Provincial Senator Is an All-Inclusive Trailer Bringing New Meaning to Luxury Camping


Provincial Caravans is based in Victoria, a state in southeastern Australia. The brand focuses on integrating luxurious finishes with close attention to detail, quality, and an impressive list of features in its products. The entire range is 100% Australian-made, and the company currently has three caravan models available: Senator, Liberty, and Estate.

Today, I’d like to discuss the Senator. Even before you lay your eyes on it, its name is already a statement of elegance and luxury. This mobile home is targeted at those who don’t want to compromise anything when living mobile. But before I go into detail, let me talk about how much this vehicle will set you back.

The Provincial range is available exclusively through Melbourne City Caravans, a renowned Australian RV distributor. The Senator has a base driveaway price of A$105,990 ($73,073), which is quite a hefty sum. However, it’s reflected in the quality of its components.

Every time I check out Australian-made products, they stand out with their off-road capabilities. The same goes for Provincial Caravans’ Senator – it’s designed to tackle the harsh conditions of the kangaroo continent. The 2022 model is built from aluminum composite or cladding, and you can opt for a modern angled or a traditional profile for its body. The RV also has various protective elements, such as aluminum checker plates, stone shields, and mud flaps.

The Senator is quite a massive vehicle – it has a body length of 6.8 m (268 inches), 2.3 m (90.5 inches) width, and 3.1 m (122 inches) travel height. It tips the scales at around 2,800 kg (6,173 lbs.) tare and boasts an ATM (Aggregated Total Mass) of 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs.) – that means it’s able to carry up to 700 kg (1,543 lbs.) of payload.

The walls and the floor are made from lightweight plywood flooring, and the vehicle is fully insulated. It’s built on a tough SupaGal boxed steel chassis, and you can choose between two top-of-the-line coil spring independent suspensions: Alpha Components X-Treme Duty or Tuff Ride, which can help absorb impact when driving off-road. The Senator sits on 16-inch alloy wheels, with two spare wheels on the three-arm rear bumper bar.

Also, on the exterior is where you’ll discover a 12 V electric awning complete with LED lighting. Other features include a front storage box with two jerry can holders, two tunnel boots, and two picnic tables. Moreover, there’s an external entertainment hatch, which houses connections to the electrical and TV systems.

While having useful features on the RV’s exterior is essential, the interior is where you’ll spend most of the time. It takes only a glance at the Senator’s insides to understand that this isn’t your basic RV. You’ll discover the kitchen dead ahead as soon as you enter via the electric double steps. It comes with a three gas and one electric burner stovetop, an oven, a grill, and a stainless-steel sink complete with a drinking water filter.

On the opposite side, you’ll find a microwave oven right beside a 3.3 kg (7.2 lbs.) top washing machine. The kitchen isn’t lacking counter space or storage – the ample countertops and multiple drawers mean that the kitchen won’t feel crowded, especially if you’re preparing a meal for more than two people. Furthermore, the 188-liter (50-gallon) fridge allows you to store food for plenty of days. There’s also a 24-inch smart TV tight above the countertop; you can use it to play some cooking tutorials and have at it.

The lounge is located toward the rear of the trailer – it boasts a U-shaped sofa and a swivel table with an adjustable height. Turning the space into a bedroom is very straightforward; lower the table, place a cushion over it, and you’re done; you can easily fit an extra soul on the converted bed.

Moving toward the front of the Senator, the hallway passes through the bathroom. It isn’t mind-blowing, but you’ll find all the necessary amenities, such as a small sink, a mirror, and a cassette toilet, along with some storage space. The shower is relatively tiny, but you probably won’t be spending too much time there. Keep in mind that there’s also an external shower – if you’re out in the wilderness, cleaning yourself up might be more enjoyable while taking in nature’s views.

The bedroom is always critical for any kind of camper – after all, getting the proper rest is vital for all adventurers. Provincial Caravans is aware of this, and that’s why they didn’t sacrifice comfort regarding the Senator’s bedroom. You’ll discover a massive queen island bed and two large windows on both sides of the bedroom, letting plenty of light shine inside. Even if you have lots of clothes, the Senator’s bedroom is ready to accommodate you with a myriad of storage spaces – you can store your belongings in the two sizeable cabinets right above the bed or in the two mirrored robes.

You’ll discover that the tilted bed head is upholstered, so you won’t have to worry about bumping your head into it. There are small niches on either side of the bed where you can put your phone, a book, and other bedside objects. If they aren’t enough, the bedside tables offer some more storage options. And finally, one of the best parts is that you can lift the bed to reveal a gigantic space underneath, ideal for storing sheets, quilts, pillows, and others.

So, this is what you’ll find on the Senator. However, hidden behind its luxurious looks are many utility systems that make life way more accessible on the go. Let me tell you more about them – the electrical system is designed to support the many appliances and LED lights. It features two 120 Ah batteries, two 170 W solar panels, and a bunch of internal 240 V and 12 V plugs. A Dometic A/C above the lounge and a smaller ceiling fan in the bedroom. All things electric are controlled through a Redarc battery management system, which supports mobile phone connectivity.

The plumbing system boasts a 95-liter (25-gallon) grey water tank and two 95-liter water tanks connected to a dual gas/electric hot water system and a 12 V water pump.

After spending an entire day on the road or exploring your surroundings, it’s always nice to come home and have different ways of killing time. So, you can sit back, relax and turn on the TV, which comes with a built-in DVD Player. Moreover, there’s a Furrion DVD Stereo, to which you can link via USB, AUX, or Bluetooth. Sound is played through four speakers, two inside and two outside. Lastly, the Senator’s integrated Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected to the digital world – this is especially important for remote workers.

Provincial Caravans made sure to fit the Senator with all the things you’d need to hit the road, or even move full-time into it and adopt a nomadic approach to living – you can even take it off the beaten path with no issues. Admittedly, its price tag might be considered pretty high, but it’s definitely an investment that allows for a worry-free lifestyle.

One of the best parts about this company is that it offers extensive aesthetic customization options for the interior and exterior. You can opt for various material and color versions and create your dream mobile home. You can find out more about the Senator on Provincial Caravans’ official website or see if other models better fit your needs.


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