Popularity of Camping Soared After Onset of Pandemic


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SEOUL, Nov. 25 (Korea Bizwire)A significant number of camping enthusiasts took up the hobby after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a survey showed Thursday.

Lotte Members, a marketing hub for South Korean retail giant Lotte Group, conducted a survey of 600 people with camping experience, 43.5 percent of whom started going on camping trips after the pandemic.

A majority of 66.7 percent went on camping trips fewer than five times per year, followed by those who went between five and 10 times (19.5 percent) and those who went between 10 and 15 times (11.8 percent).

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With 35.5 percent of those surveyed having partaken in them, car camping trips were the most popular form of camping. Also popular were glamping (27 percent) and so-called “camping picnics” (15.8 percent).

Tables and chairs were the most popular camping items purchased by respondents (70.8 percent), followed by lanterns and lights (67.5 percent), tents (65.2 percent), cooking devices and tableware (61.8 percent), Bluetooth speakers (57.7 percent), sleeping bags (55.8 percent) and cooling or heating products (45 percent).

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