Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest Open For Winter Camping


The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is inviting campers to enjoy the experience this winter. 

Winter camping doesn’t require a cooler or ice to keep food cold. There are also no bugs, and the crowds are much smaller. 

Robin DeMario with the Forest Service says access to winter camping can be more challenging though, because it’s not allowed in places like Sno-Parks, and parking can be limited. 

“You might have to snow shoe or cross-country ski to a place that, maybe you enjoyed during the summertime, that will only be accessible over the snow type equipment in the winter,” said Demario. “You can snowmobile in too.” 

National Forest campgrounds are typically full all summer long, while winter campers will find much more space, once they get there. 

The Forest Service is also advising that there are no garbage receptacles at campgrounds during the winter months, and there’s no access to outhouses. 

DeMario says some people are drawn to winter camping because it’s a tranquil experience. 

“You’ll definitely find a bit of solitude in the winter time in the National Forest,” DeMario said. “It’s quiet. The snow in quiet. Depending upon where you are, it can be very peaceful.” 

The Forest Service recommends checking with the Northwest Avalanche Center for possible danger areas, especially when camping in the forest back country. 

In addition, DeMario says it’s important to have proper winter camping equipment, including warm sleeping bags.    

Winter campers are also urged to make sure they don’t leave any trash when they leave.  

Find more camping information at the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest website. 


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