New York State Camping Guide 2022


New York City’s heat might feel like hellfire in the summer, but luckily there’s a way to escape it—even if you don’t have a car. New York State just launched its interactive 2022 Camping Guide, allowing New Yorkers to find nature oases across the state through camping maps and information.

The digital interface is mobile-friendly, and it offers insight on 120 state-operated campgrounds. Users can browse photo galleries and maps, scroll through a specific camping site’s amenities, and access information on how to book their stay. You can check out the guide right here.

Organized in sections, the New York State Camping Guide dedicates an interface to each region across the state, like the Adirondacks, Saratoga, and the Catskills. Each regional page outlines all the campsites and provides a short description for each highlighting amenities, trails, accessibility features and even whether it’s a good spot for fishing or if firewood is available.

Towards the end, you can find a map showing all the regions and campsites, tips for safe boating, and flyers for camping passes. Each links out to a dedicated website.

For more information about camping in New York State, you can visit the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation website.


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