New Luxury Tent Camping Experience Charges $3,950 a Night


Tent camping has traditionally been thought of as the most cost-effective way to spend time in the great outdoors. But in a time when the price of everything is increasing, even that idea seems to be going away. As a prime example, a new luxury resort in Mexico has just announced it will be charging a staggering $3,950 per night for a luxury tent stay at an adults-only resort on the exclusive and private Naviva Four Seasons venue on the Punta Mita peninsula.

Four Seasons announced the new attraction in a press release on its website. Its resort on the peninsula just opened 15 luxury “glamping”-style tents situated in 48 acres of the Mexican forest. Make no mistake, this isn’t your grandfather’s campground. They will cater to no more than 30 “campers” at a time. Punta Mita features spas and an open-air gym in addition to the usual hiking trails and wilderness immersion most of us associate with camping.

At least the $3,950 cost of admission includes all meals and beverages. The press release notes guests can enjoy fresh seafood, which we’d expect for a resort so close to the Pacific Ocean. It also offers a selection of spirits and wines at an open-air kitchen. There are also hammocks, fire pits, outdoor showers, and open-air living rooms to go along with the usual pools you’d find in a luxury resort. We were at least relieved to hear the designers with Four Seasons worked to minimize the disruption to nature when they were building the area, as such a project could likely prove costly to such a delicate ecosystem.

“The team also took significant measures to protect animal life by creating new paths that mimic the colours of soil and rocks and using specific lighting types to limit light pollution,” the release reads.

The press release also states that the resort and its camping experience are easily reached via the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, which is about 45 minutes away. While we cannot say if any of the campers we know are interested in such a resort, especially at those prices, at least it is helping to get some people into the outdoors who may not have experienced it previously.

“Naviva builds on the success of our more than 20 years in Punta Mita, reinforcing everything that our guests love about this idyllic destination while offering an entirely new experience,” Four Seasons President of Global Operations Rainer Stampfer said in the release. “This exceptional project is a testament to our dedication to innovating the guest experience and creating unique concepts within our portfolio that meet guest needs in meaningful, personalized ways.”

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