New Helinox Chair Zero High-Back For Camping Comfort


If you’ve got the space to pack it on your bike, a camping chair makes life a lot better at the day’s end. And if you’re using one of Helinox’s chairs, you need a lot less space. Now, Helinox has just announced the new Chair Zero High-Back, which takes an existing design and adds a bit more comfort while still keeping weight and size low.

The original Chair Zero debuted in 2017, giving adventure riders a way to bring along an ultralight chair that still handily fit into moto luggage while still offering plenty of comfort (not just ADVriders, of course—hikers, overlanders. kayakers, all sortss of adventure travel types went for this new design). But while the Chair Zero was comfortable, there was room for improvement. Hence, the new Chair Zero High-Back, with (as the name implies) a taller back for more even more comfort.

Here’s what Helinox says about the new chair:

Every aspect of the new Chair Zero High-Back is engineered for lightness, durability, strength and comfort. The frame is 7000 series aluminum made from DAC’s proprietary TH72M alloy, which is prized for its incredible and unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and depended on by the world’s top tent makers. Each pole is anodized for extra strength, and engineered and designed for its intended purpose – to support the full weight of sitting. Helinox has exclusive rights to use DAC alloy for outdoor furniture and accessories.

For the seat of the Chair Zero High-Back, Helinox uses a light, durable 100D polyester and weaves in Aramid – a military-grade fiber known for its exceptional strength – to create a light, durable ripstop fabric that stands up to sun, grime, granite, and years of sitting.

Finally, the hubs and joining components of the Chair Zero High-Back are molded with Helinox’s proprietary high-strength nylon resin, engineered for precise, solid and secure pole attachments.

The Chair Zero High-Back has a 265-pound capacity, and is only 5x5x16 inches in size when packed. See it below:

Asking price is $169.95 US. More details at the Helinox website.


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