New From Good To-Go | Chicken Pho And Cuban Rice Bowl


We fell in love with Good To-Go dehydrated meals at a trade show a few years ago. Their meals are fresh and inspired and can turn any campsite into a delectable dining experience in no time at all. And it’s no wonder, because the head chef at Good To-Go, Jennifer Scism, won Iron Chef in 2005. When she comes out with a new camping meal, it’s worth looking into.

The Good To-Go Chicken Pho is exactly what we were hoping for. It’s refreshing and hearty, with hints of ginger and clove that create a perfectly balanced bowl of soup. It was ready in about 10 minutes, and we appreciated the separate lime packet that allows campers to season to their liking.

The Good To-Go Cuban Rice Bowl was equally impressive. The bold flavors reminded us of our favorite food trucks, seriously – it’s that good. The garlic crema sauce and plantains turn it into a next level dish that would take hours to prepare from scratch. But after a long day of paddling we were ready for a feast in just over 10 minutes. Incredible.

Good To-Go has an incredible lineup of unique meals that make it easy to try something new at the campsite. We haven’t had one that we don’t like, and after a long day it’s a treat to eat something this scrumptious in such a short period of time. It feels like cheating, and after trying them we think you’ll agree that they’re worth every penny.



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