Lone Peak Truck Camper Is an Affordable Camping Solution That Combines Comfort and Safety


I’m talking about overlanding company Lone Peak and their new truck bed camper, which combines comfort, safety, and affordability.

The Lone Peak Truck Camper stands out from the competition through its design, as it marries a traditional hard-shell and a pop-up rooftop tent into a lockable, waterproof camper with storage space for your belongings.

To top it off, the whole contraption is also quite affordable, as pricing starts at just $5,995, which is half of what other players on the market are asking for their campers.

The startup company’s founder Kyle Hart came up with the idea of creating the truck camper after he saw the ugly side of camping last year while on a dirt bike/hunting trip with his friends near Mt. Rainier, Washington. During that trip, someone stole his rooftop tent, roof rack, and motorcycle trailer right off his pick-up truck, so he decided to design a truck camper that is safe enough so that you don’t have to worry about this kind of situation happening to you.

Talking about how they managed to reach such a low price point without compromising on quality or features, Hart says that they had to do some serious engineering. “Most campers on the market are welded or riveted together and have a ton of post processing on the material which drives up the cost,” he explains. “We’re using the same high end, lightweight materials but we’re bolting them together and using pre-finished panels that we mill in house for the skin. The result is a super durable, lightweight camper at half the price.”The camper prototype was built with parts from Asian suppliers, and once it was complete, Hart took it on its maiden shakedown trip. That first trip covered no less than 4,500 miles (7,242 km).

The truck camper features an 80-inch (203-cm) bed, meaning it can fit even the super tall, and offers 32 inches of space to stand up even when the bed is lowered. The mattress is twice as thick as most others (4 inches/ 10 cm), and width varies based on the truck – it will be 54 inches (137 cm) wide for full-size trucks and 50 inches (127 cm) wide for mid-size trucks. The bed platform can lift up entirely, thus creating even more space in your truck bed.

The pop-up tent can be set up in less than a minute and features a high elevation angle, thus creating a spacious interior. It also has three large windows that allow the owner to admire the surrounding views from the bed. Additionally, the rear of the pop-up tent creates an overhang that expands the interior volume. It also serves to shed rain even if the door is open.

As for construction, the camper is made of aluminum extrusions, aluminum composite panels, and stainless steel.

The company also offers a slew of customization options, including gear vaults, LED lighting, an indoor fold-down table, grab handles, ladders, interior shelves, and even solar panel wiring hookups.

The whole system looks quite solid and professionally built, so we expect the company to become a worthy competitor in the market, especially since a starting price under $6,000 is rather hard to ignore.

The Lone Peak Camper is compatible with dozens of truck models from seven important manufacturers. Reservations are now open through the company’s website, with deliveries expected for August 2023.


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