Lexus Unveils Trio of Adventure-Ready Off-Road Concepts for Camping Fanatics


The three concept vehicles that were showcased in Tokyo and online are the Lexus RX Outdoor Concept, Lexus GX Outdoor Concept, and Lexus ROV Concept 2. The first two concepts are based on production models currently offered in Lexus’ range, while the third is an evolution of a previous concept. The third concept is also the only UTV presented by the brand so far, but its potential to enter production is limited.
Lexus ROV Concept 2

As we explained above, this concept vehicle is a UTV, and it builds on what Lexus previously showed in concept form back in December 2021. At the time, it was called Lexus ROV Concept, and now it is ROV Concept 2. It has an inline-three-cylinder motor with a 1.0-liter displacement, which runs on compressed hydrogen gas.

Toyota has previously shown vehicles that run on hydrogen, and the parent company of the Lexus brand has also experimented with a racing car that burns hydrogen instead of gasoline. It might not be the last we have seen from them in this direction, but any production version might be quite a few years away if it ever gets approved, that is.

The ROV Concept 2 is a two-door, four-seat UTV with a sequential transmission, all-wheel drive with lockable differential and the option of switching to a two-wheel drive mode. The vehicle comes with airless tires to prevent any flats and has a revised suspension when compared to its predecessor. It also features a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which may not be the best idea when off-roading without any side windows.
Lexus RX Outdoor Concept

Starting off from a Lexus RX 450h+, the Japanese premium brand’s team developed this concept meant for overlanding. It has a 20-mm (0.8 inches) increased ride height, 18-inch Rays wheels with 265/60 All-Terrain tires, and a tent on the roof.

The tent is a Feldon Shelter Hawk Nest, and it sits on a custom roof rack made from aluminum. These are things that customers can opt to get themselves from various aftermarket suppliers, so Lexus is just providing a few ideas for potential overlanding enthusiasts. Be sure to check the specs of the tent and ensure that it is right for the climate that you will be using it in.

The body received a set of LED lights, black door handles, an aluminum skid plate, a blacked-out grille, the lower bumper ornaments on the front and the rear were painted black, and a set of mudguards was added into the mix.
Lexus GX Outdoor Concept

The GX 460 was the starting point for this concept, which is finished in Terrain Khaki Mica Metallic, so be sure to correct anyone who mistakenly thinks it is a dark green Lexus. Moving on, it comes with a Yakima rooftop tent, an LED light bar integrated into the front bumper, and a trunk full of camping gear.

The suspension was changed, now featuring a dedicated setup made by the reputable Australian marque Old Man Emu, while the M/T tires are Toyo Open Country in 275/65/R18 on its black painted wheels. Lexus has integrated a Warn winch in the configuration, and all that it needs to go for an adventure is a full tank of gas and supplies to keep you going in the wild.

Usually, people who buy a Lexus SUV do not go off-roading in it, mostly because that is a common thing among SUV customers across the world. It is not specific to Lexus, but to customers in the segment, who prefer to have a large and tall vehicle for its viewing angle on the road, as well as potential off-roading capabilities without ever putting the latter to the test.

Used Lexus SUVs, mostly LX models, become overlanding machines once their price drops below a certain threshold so that enthusiasts of the phenomenon consider them affordable enough for the transformation.

Ideally, you do not end up daily driving your overlanding vehicle, as you might not want to carry a rooftop tent every day, on every single trip you make, and the same goes for the trunk full of supplies.


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