Letters to the editor, Jan. 29, 2023


Snowbirds: Commission shows we aren’t important

On Jan. 24, I and several other “snowbirds” addressed, in public comments at the Brevard County Commission meeting, the rule and fee changes made to the Brevard County park system’s camping units and authorized recently by the commission.  The commission has approved a nearly 200% increase in camping fees and, coupled with their approved rule changes, further hinder access of snowbirds to those campsites.

Snowbirds are predominately retirees from out of state who visit for several months during the winter.  We bring out of state money to Brevard County, thereby boosting the economy.  Many local businesses depend upon our tourist dollars to thrive.

Retirees live on a fixed income and the outrageous size of the increase in camping fees, coupled with the effects of inflation, are difficult if not impossible to overcome. Many of us have been visiting the Brevard County parks for as long as 20 years. We enjoy the area and consider ourselves part of your community. Unfortunately, most of us will be forced to take our money to other venues.

Snowbirds support a reasonable fee increase and suggest that the campgrounds are sufficiently large to support both long-term camping and support the needs of county residents. The commissioners, however, have made it clear that they will not consider our suggestions.  

In essence, the Brevard County commissioners have indicated that snowbirds are not important to Brevard County.

Businesses, who stand to lose the most, should be outraged.

Robert Abbott, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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We must take firm stand on national issues

Isn’t it time that we demand action by our elected officials regarding our southern borders and national debt?

The southern border has been a national disgrace for more than 30 years.  The “blame game” and more committees make recommendations that are never followed through on.  We should demand that the House and Senate be sequestered until they can come up with a workable long-range plan.  Why not keep them in D.C. until they do the job that they were elected to do?

People sleep in the San Antonio International Airport in San Antonio, Texas, early in the morning on Dec. 30, 2022. However, the number of migrants passing through San Antonio has since fallen — after the Biden administration expanded Title 42, a pandemic-era emergency health order that’s blocked many migrants from entering the U.S,, to migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti on Jan. 5.

Regarding the annual budget:  First assume that the fraud and waste in most programs exceed 30%. Require all agencies to cut their budgets by 10%. Business and industry does this all the time. If an official objects to these cuts, fire him or her, and hire someone who will get the job done. 

Next, eliminate those useless agencies and committees that are no longer necessary. No. 1 should be the Energy Department, which was created to help make the United States energy independent; aren’t we there now?

In years gone by we could count on the media to be our watchdog on government spending.  The media today is much too biased to do this now. Drastic times require drastic measures.

Bill Jilek, Titusville

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About those straight white men …

I would like to applaud Frank Cerabino for his Jan. 22 column titled “Woke or joke? Trying to feel the pain of straight, white men.”  If you missed it, it so worth going back and reading it.  The column explains there is a concerted effort to make straight, white men angry and Gov. DeSantis plays the role of civil rights leader for the movement.  From the National Hockey League to M&Ms, it’s an interesting and realistic read. 

Well done, Mr. Cerabino.

Mandy Bailey, Melbourne


The right to ‘domestic tranquility’

Before former Vice President Joseph Biden became president, he had to take the oath of office (Article II, Section I Clause 8): Before he enters on execution of his office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:  I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

One of the government’s duties is to “insure domestic tranquility,” which we have the right to enjoy.

The population that the Biden administration has allowed to invade our southern border is made up of unknowns who have not been vetted. Therefore, we don’t know how many are criminals, mentally unstable, cartel members and drug dealers, human traffickers, or those who wish to do serious irreparable harm to “We the People.”

We must take a very serious look at the actions of this President and his failure to protect us.  And, we must take measures to stop the administration’s continuing failure to fulfill Its oath. This is, for all intents and purposes, a very serious dereliction of duty. Not providing for our domestic tranquility is a failure that must be corrected if our nation is to survive– sovereign, independent and strong.  If we are not sovereign and independent, we are no longer America.

And if America is to grow and survive, we must be strong,  We must be deliberate, determined, and very strong.

Sylvia Sharpe, Doug Sharpe, and Paula Estridge, Melbourne, are members of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee (BREC).

Do we have a budget crisis?

Last month, Congress and the president approved the budget. Why would responsible politicians sign a budget that they knew exceeded the debt ceiling? I think that it is a legitimate question to ask all politicians that voted for this bloated  budget. Families must account for their finances or they get a visit from the IRS.  Why shouldn’t politicians be accountable?   

Every year the federal government exceeds the original limits of the Constitution and these excesses come with a cost. The government can’t spend our way to prosperity. It’s time to delete all federal departments, agencies and expenditures that are not specified in the Constitution or, if they’re needed, add them via amendments to the Constitution.

But are we talking about real or play money? Serious financial wizards have suggested that the power within the Constitution to “coin” money and “regulate” value be utilized. The Fed could mint one or two dozen trillion dollar coins to take care of the pesky national debt. We could pay off our creditors and claim to be rich.

Would these coins be more valuable than empty words on paper from fiscally irresponsible politicians?

Jack Ward, Melbourne

Priscilla Presley walks on stage and past a photo of her daughter during the celebration of life for Lisa Marie Presley at Graceland in Memphis, Tenn., on Jan. 22, 2023.

Condolences for Lisa Marie Presley’s family

A lot of us women who were young when Elvis was swinging his pelvis around back in those days probably are sending their love and concern and compassion to Priscilla Presley.

We are not only sorry about Lisa Marie’s death, but are reliving our youth when we lost Priscilla’s former husband, Elvis Presley. 

No, we didn’t crash her funeral at Graceland, but how many of us just might be thinking about maybe this summer going up to Graceland to pay our respects?

OK, ladies, enough tearing up.  Priscilla is going to get our support, no matter how we convey it, and it will help her. 

Claire Zuhlke, Cocoa


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