Larimer County closes five boat-in campsites at Horsetooth Reservoir – Loveland Reporter-Herald


Larimer County has closed five boat-in campsites at Horsetooth Reservoir, and officials said that the small campsites frequently provided crowded and unsatisfactory camping experiences for visitors.

The five campsites, all located at Eltuck Cove on the north side of the reservoir, will not open with the rest of the campsites when Horsetooth Reservoir becomes available for camping again in late spring, according to Dan Rieves, Horsetooth district manager.

Rieves reported that the sites were too small to provide a quality camping experience, as well as presenting a safety issue.

All five campsites are across the reservoir from the dock on the south bay that launches boat rangers, according to a press release from the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources, presenting difficulties getting safety personnel to emergency situations in time.

“They’re literally as far away as they can be,” said Rieves.

Other campsites at Horsetooth Reservoir are larger and closer to services, Rieves said, and the greater capacity at those sites means he is not worried about overcrowding at the remaining sites.

“It’s not a worry, it’s an expectation,” he said. “Capacity at those sites is around 43%. So this will push people to those sites, but we have plenty of room.”

Boating will still be permitted in the area, he added.

A Reservoir Parks Master Plan Update is planned for 2025 and will include opportunities for public input and feedback on desired recreation use at Larimer County reservoirs, according to the press release from the county.


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