Jackery LightTent-AIR is a revolution for campers


At CES 2023, Jackery not only presented its new energy storage units from the Pro series. The company for modern and sustainable energy solutions also presented something completely new with the Jackery LightTent-AIR. Behind it is a tent that can serve as a power source while camping with the help of solar energy generation.

Jackery LightTent-AIR provides electricity while camping

The fact that mobile energy storage is becoming increasingly popular can also be seen at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. After all, Jackery, one of the most renowned manufacturers of so-called power stations, is also represented at the technology trade show in the Nevada desert. But not only the new solar generators Pro 1500 and Pro 3000 were presented. With the Jackery LightTent-AIR, the company also had something completely new in tow that could revolutionize camping in the future. It was not without reason that Jackery took home the CES Best of Innovation Award. The tent, which looks a bit like a futuristic space capsule, has integrated solar cells. Together, these are said to absorb a whopping 1,200 watts of power.

6 times the power of Jackery’s largest panel

For comparison, the largest panel available from the manufacturer to date is the Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel (Geizhals/Amazon). The Jackery LightTent-AIR consequently comes up with six times the power. But where to put the generated energy? According to the manufacturer, the energy can be stored either in the storage modules of the tent itself or in a suitable power station such as the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro (test). But away from the power harvesting capabilities, the Jackery LightTent-AIR also appears to simply be a good tent. During the presentation, there was talk of it being able to accommodate 4 to 5 people. This should ensure a family vacation including power supply. Especially fans of camping vacations in remote regions without campgrounds or corresponding alternatives with electricity could get their holy grail here.

Jackery LightTent-AIR
Jackery bagged a few awards for its new products at CES 2023. (Image: Jackery)

By the way, Jackery installs the solar cells in the side walls, which run diagonally upwards. As a result, they always offer the optimal angle of incidence to be able to collect solar energy in the best possible way. The manufacturer does not yet specify the battery capacity of the tent itself. However, it can be assumed that the purchase of an additional power station might be advisable. This way, you can also bridge the sun-free time during longer excursions. For those who are afraid of sleeping in a tent composed of solar cells and batteries, Jackery reassures them with its safety features. For example, the Jackery LightTent-AIR is said to be made of a fabric with PVC coating, which is not only waterproof, but fireproof to boot.

Price and Availability

For best conditions, the tent should be shined with full sun. However, this also raises a big question mark. After all, the interior of a tent is known to heat up quite quickly when summer weather is at its best. In the case of the Jackery LightTent-AIR, batteries and solar cells are then added to the mix, which in turn radiate heat as part of the energy generation process, according to experience. The manufacturer itself states that the tent is supposed to have good thermal insulation. Only a practical test will show whether this is really true. When the first people will be able to take a seat in their own Jackery LightTent-AIR, however, is another question mark. After all, we know neither when nor at what price the futuristic tent will be launched. But it is certainly exciting!


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