Is bush camping still a viable strategy in Fortnite Chapter 3?


Fortnite Island has many more ways for loopers to use to their advantage in challenging combat situations. It provokes the community to discover a new meta or a trend that is either over-powered or even game-breaking. One such trend that has been going on from Chapter 1 of Fortnite is the infamous “bush camping”.

The term Bush Camping refers to loopers camouflaging themselves and hiding in bushes. This was a prevalent trend and had been in the player base for a very long time.

Opponents would go unnoticed and pass right by them, or it could even work as a sneak attack plan for the elimination. The question is that after five long years, is this still viable, and do players do it in Chapter 3?

Bush camping has been reduced in Fortnite Chapter 3


In Chapter 3, the player base is now focused more on different metas to win games. While players have not stopped using bushes in the game, bush camping has decreased as the loopers are more up for W-Keying their opponents and playing aggressively.

Even with the addition of Stealth Grass in the game, loopers usually prefer to stay out of it. Players no longer use bushes daily. Nowadays, Loopers can see through bushes and shoot their opponents hiding in a bush.

However, this technique is still rarely used by players to either go AFK or camp for a while. The trend of bush camping is not the most popular but hasn’t left the charts yet and still provides a gameplay advantage to the players.

History of bush camping in Fortnite


Bush camping has been very popular since the inception of Fortnite’s Battle Royale. It was a fun way for players to hide in plain sight in bushes. During Chapter 1, the bushes were comparatively smaller than the current ones.

The OG bushes used to be the exact size of a crouching player and almost made them blend in. Some players even started using green skins to blend in.

Later on, as the trend got popular, Fortnite decided to add a consumable item, “bush”, where players can equip it directly from their inventory.


It was later vaulted with the start of Chapter 2. This started with the rise of a new type of larger and more dense bush. It fit at least 4-5 loopers and appeared in different locations.

These bushes can also be destroyed either by explosive weapons or pickaxes. It also included a unique characteristic that if players were to fall from any height inside the bush, they wouldn’t take any fall damage.

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